So You Think You Can Dance Recap: They All Dance, then Four Go Home

Welcome to week #2 of #SYTYCD, and I think I'm getting how this season will work, with no results show, but America still getting to vote. Each week everyone will dance, even though the votes are already in on who the bottom folks are.

After all the dancing, they'll announce the bottom folks. At which point the judges can still decide to have some of them dance for their lives, or they can just make a decision right then and there. Got it? Good.

This week Adam is the guest judge, and the walking advertisement for his new movie Step Up Revolution. I am honestly not familiar with any of his Step Up oeuvre, but I never thought of it as the perfect fertile ground for some #OWS protesting, so I'm a little intrigued by that mash-up. It also apparently stars a lovely former SYTYCD contestant, Katherine, as its female #suckit whoever won that year!!!

The Top 20 danced again...but for four of them, it's just for show. The question is, which four? Let's dig into the dancing first.

1. Lindsay and Cole danced a Jazz (?) routine by Christopher Scott

Meh. No. Less-than-Meh. My engineer S.O. is sick of the thick glasses and flood pants trope for nerds. I'm sick of the hot nurse trope...and don't consider it a huge step up (you're welcome, Adam) that this was a sexy dentist. The clash of two utterly boring cliche characters made for a deadly dull dance. I couldn't even tell...was this supposed to be jazz? Hip hop? It was WEAK. And just like Alexa and Daniel were at the utter mercy of terrible choreography last week, I fear these two will be this week. I think Cole's popularity (and the display of his prodigious abs last week) might save them.

2. Amelia and Will danced a Contemporary routine by Sonya Tayeh

This was one of the most interesting pieces Sonya has ever choreographed, and both dancers did a fantastic job. It explored the concept of weight, weighing each other down, being grounded, then contrasted with moments of breaking free and breaking into flight. This might have been my favorite piece of the evening, and gave me an entirely new appreciation of Amelia and Will that last week's Love Cats routine didn't do. Sonya has really seemed to step it up a notch this season. 

3. Amber and Nick danced a Tango by Tony and Melanie 

Considering Nick is the Ballroom dancer, it was weird that Amber showed more of the intensity and spirit of the tango than he did. What she also had that he didn't, though, was some awkwardness and mis-steps. But as is often pointed out on this show, this is a quest to find America's favorite dancer, not best dancer...and I'm no different than the rest of the public. Give me passion, intensity and abandon over technical perfection.  

4. Audrey and Matthew danced a Contemporary routine by Sonya Tayeh

Again, a nice routine, although without quite the impact of Sonya's first piece. Audrey is strong for a little thing, and I think he should have taken his shirt off last week. I might have liked him better. #shallow This routine should leave this couple comfortably in the middle of the pack.

5. Janelle and Darien danced a Lyrical Hip Hop routine by Christopher Scott

This was really uninspiring. Let's just say Christopher Scott did not have a great night. It seemed overly simple, too cutesy, and in the moments it was supposed to be synched, it was not very well synched. I'd say this couple is in big trouble.

6. Janaya and Brendan danced a Broadway routine by Sean Cheeseman

I thought this couple had a pretty bad week last week, and it didn't improve this week. I'm thinking the sexually-aggressive-female-scares-hapless-male trope is getting as old as the nerd with glasses and sexy nurse routine. There were definitely a couple of amazing moves at the end, but most of it was utterly meh. I think they're in trouble again. 

7. Eliana and Cyrus danced a Jive routine by Tony and Melanie

OK, there's no denying that Cyrus was quite rough, but he is filled with charisma. She was fantastic. It's odd because I think with another partner she would actually shine more. She's really an amazing dancer, and has her own great personality, but I think most of us are probably intently watching to see how Cyrus does, and how he can adapt to the different styles. She's just the glue that holds it together...he's the glitter. Oh, and they're safe.

8. Alexa and Daniel danced a Contemporary routine by Dee Caspary, In a bathtub.

I feel really sad for Alexa, actually. She was saddled with terrible choreography last week, and this week she was saddled with a gimmick routine, set in a bathtub. The whole time I just kept thinking how uncomfortable it looked. It was p0rny. And flaily. And I agree with Adam…cold. I also kinda think she got saddled with a not great partner. I really thought she'd go further in this competition, but this routine was just another nail in the coffin.

9. Tiffany and George danced a Foxtrot routine by Tony and Melanie

She's adorable, but not well-grounded, which occasionally meant her feet weren't quite solid on the ground. She also had surprising problems pointing her toes. He hung on and did some nice tricks along the way. I did not gush over this as the judges did. I thought it was fine.

10. Whitney and Chehon danced a Bollywood routine by Nakul Dev Mahajan

It was...impressive. Very athletic. I know I've reached a certain age because I was actually thinking"Wow, look at those young folk and their stamina and energy!" I thought they both did great.

image courtesy of FOX

On to the results...

Bottom Six (from last week's Top 20):

Girls: Janaya, Alexa, Whitney, and the judges save: Whitney 

Boys: Nick, Daniel, Chehon, and they save: Chehon

That means Amber will be paired with Brendon for this upcoming week.

It's unclear to me whether they're going to keep getting rid of four people a week for any more weeks. Assuming not, here are my guesses for the bottom group from the above remaining crew:

Bottom Line for Next Week's Bottom Six:

Girls: Lindsay, Janelle, Amber, with Janelle going home.
Boys: Cole, Darien, Brendon, with Darien going home.
But what did you think?

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