"So You Think You Can Dance" Top 20: Have You Picked A Favorite?

5 years ago

I'm so glad that So You Think You Can Dance has a summer season. It’s been a while since I’ve been hooked in like this, but how could I not be with such raw talent and amazing choreographed pieces? It’s especially joyous when I watch DVR recordings with my 2.5 year old daughter, who feels dance in her soul and tries her best to mimic all the dance moves, subsequently providing her two cents to let me know if she likes a performance or not. As adorable as that is, we don’t always agree, and because I can write and she can’t quite master that skill yet, I’m going to be giving you my two cents on how I feel this season’s contestants will fare.

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I’m going to start with the boys because they seem to be easier for my gut to decipher who could win, and who is on their way out.

As much as I love Cyrus’s heart and soul, I just don’t think he’s got what it takes to make it. I was 100% surprised he even made it to the top 20. It was apparent from the choreographed pieces they did for him on the reveal show that they were catering to his popping style. But can he really do ballroom or jazz? I haven’t seen him prove himself yet. Yes he’s a genius when it comes to his genre, but I just don’t see him as that star all around dancer.

Another male dancer who I feel will not fare well is Wil. In the top 10 boy’s performance, he just seemed more uncomfortable than full of grace as he danced. Part of me wonders if he just doesn’t feel comfortable in his skin because he doesn’t have the male dancer body that his counterparts do.

Out of the two male ballet dancers, I feel as if Daniel will go way further than Chehon will. Are they both amazeballs ballet dancers? Yep. But I feel, just as the judges have commented in the past, that Daniel adapts better to other genres of dance.

Three male dancers that have just not blown me away are Brandon, the first SYTYCD stepper, Cole with his Martial Arts Fusion, and Nick the sole male ballroom dancer. They are great dancers, but I just don’t see that star quality in them.

I’m on the fence about Dareia. I think he could be fabulous, but as the judges keep remarking, he’s got to show that grace from head to toe, and right now his feet are struggling.

The two male dancers who I predict will be the last men standing are George and Matthew. And if I had to pick one, I really think George could go all the way. He’s got power and grace and passion. I looked forward every week during Vegas week to see what he would do next.

Now to the girls. This is tough. There are so many crazy talented women out there, and I use women lightly because so many of them are so young.

Two of the youngest are Lindsay and Witney, those two blonde ballroom dancers who’ve known each other for most of their lives. I’ve heard a lot of people chatting it up about Witney, but I think it’s mostly because of her sex appeal they are blinded by. After last week’s reveal show performance, watching the two of them dance side by side, it was crystal clear to me that Lindsay’s got way more talent. She was moving effortlessly as Witney seemed to struggle to keep up. In fact, I think Lindsay could make it all the way to win.

Another young female dancer, Amelia, who’s also just 18, is someone I have high hopes for. She struggled all through auditions to make the judges believe she can perform different genres, but when she’s in her own niche, it’s mesmerizing to watch. Watching her facial expressions during the reveal show piece last week, was promising. I felt she finally began to relax into choreography that wasn’t her own. I’m really rooting for her to go far, but I’m not 100% sure that she will.

A couple of girls we didn’t see much of during the audition phase were Eliana, the sole girl ballet dancer and Janaya, a lyrical performer. Let me just say, though, both these girls have some serious talent. I’m excited to get to see more of them as the season progresses, and I feel like Janaya could possible go all the way. I haven’t seen much of Eliana beyond her amazing ballet performances, (don’t you just love how they edit the shows so you don’t see a full picture) to see if she has what it takes to go far as well.

Two dancers who have not really stood out for me are Amber and Tiffany. I just don’t see anything to differentiate them from the pack of girls. If they don’t step it up to show that wow factor, I’m not sure they will stick around for long.

Now the last three girls have got me on pins and needles to see how they do. I’ve been rooting for Alexa, who made it to the final 20 this year after being the last girl dismissed last season. I just feel her passion when she dances. She also struggled so much in auditions, but kept persevering, convincing the judges she was here to stay. I love rooting for an underdog, and she surely has my vote. Audrey is one who I feel has also flown under the radar, but after watching her perform that Sonya Tayeh piece during the reveal show, I was blown away. If she keeps this up, she could go to the end. Finally is the first SYTYCD belly dancer Janelle. The thing is, she’s way more than the gimmick of belly dancer. She has spunk and energy and passion and can keep up with all those further trained female dancers. She has a real shot of winning.

So what do you think? Who are your choices to win?


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