So You Think You Can Dance: 14 Perform, the Top 10 Emerges

It's a very special episode of #SYTYCD. Yes, it's Mia Michaels night…but don't get too excited. These aren't going to be new routines. They're classic Mia routines that have already been done in previous seasons. Hmmm.

Part of me thinks it will be awesome to see these again, part of me thinks it won't really serve the current contestants. As it turns out, I am right on both counts.

The guest judges joining Nigel and Mary are Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt (aka the Ballet Boys, who I am not enough of a dance aficionado to have heard of).

And away we go!

1. Cyrus and Elliana do The Door Routine (that Twitch and Katie did)

I don't recall loving this first time around. Mostly because sometimes #SYTYCD goes a little heavy on the crazy-girl-chasing-after-boy storyline. So I thought this was better the second time around. It was pretty hot, actually. I liked the way Cyrus added his own actual twitching to key moments. Elliana didn't strike me as hugely different than Katie, but she might be a bit more emotionally accessible.

2. George and Tiffani do The Routine With That Memorable Anime-Evoking Assisted Run Move (that Katie and Joshua did)

Well, on the plus side they are better actors than Katie and Joshua were. I really felt the narrative of the piece more the second time around. On the minus side, that famous and memorable assisted run? It looked different and was shot completely differently, so it wasn't at all the same moment. It wasn't a moment at all.

3. Will and Amelia do The Butt Routine (that Randi and Evan did)

I did not like this routine first time around. I just thought it was lame and gimmicky and kind of unneessarily skanky. Well, it's still not my favorite routine, but I think it had a little more whimsy and a little less skank this time around. I think Will is not that memorable, but Amelia worked for me.

4. Jenelle and Dareian do The Bed (and flowers) Routine (that Twitch and Carrington did)

Meh. This piece seemed too gimmicky to me then and now. Just a lot of flopping on and off a bed, and tossing flower petals around. 

5. Audrey and Matthew do The Routine About Mia's Dead Dad And Lots Of Flowers (that Lacey and Neil did)

I'm not sure why they did two tossing-the-flowers-around routines in a row, but this one is a much better piece than the previous one. It was lovely, and I actually like Audrey better than Lacey. I thought the judges were totally unfair to this couple. Seriously, asking Matthew if he knew what Mia's dad did, and why he didn't do the jazz hands like Neil did. Didn't they say they needed to imbue the routines with their own approach? I'm not saying Audrey and Matthew were *wildly* interesting, but it was beautifully danced, and it was indeed poignant.

6. Whitney and Cheon do The Park Bench routine (that Heidi and Travis did)

I love that piece…it is the single most memorable piece they've done on this show. I don't think Whitney and Cheon moved me quite like Heidi and Travis, but I do think they did it justice. Mary identified the two things I noticed about Cheon…man, he can spin. And man, he didn't do that flop down the bench as freely as Travis did. Whitney was weaker for me...she didn't have Heidi's emotional vulnerability, but she had the movement and fearlessness down.

7. Lindsay and Cole do The Addiction Routine (that Kayla and Kupono did)

Wow, Cole was quite different and creepy, and I really liked it. She was too pretty and too much hair. I totally bought his evil, and didn't buy her anguish. The judges bought it all.

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The Bottom Six from two weeks ago (man, that's a little confusing):

Boys: George, Dareian, Matthew. After all dancing for their lives, the judges save George (meaning Matthew and Dareian are OUT)

Girls: Amelia, Janelle, Lindsay. After all dancing for their lives, the judges save Lindsay (meaning Amelia and Janelle are OUT) 

Bottom Line for the Bottom Next Week:

I think Will and Elianna will be out, what do you think?

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