The Six Most Annoying People on Cell Phones

4 years ago

There’s no escaping it, cell phones have become essential extensions of most people’s modern lives. However, despite their cultural acceptance, some people who use them are just plain annoying! There are lots of bad habits associated with mobile phones, but this list is counting down the most irritating, most obnoxious and downright rude cell phone user archetypes.

The Bluetooth Phantom Menace

New bluetooth headset

 Photo credit: Flickr by Josh Puetz

Who's that guy talking to? Is he talking to you? Why is he yelling at you like that? Bluetooth devices are handy, but being around someone who seems to be constantly glued to one is just embarrassing. Every time I see one of these Bluetooth cyborgs I just want to go all Larry David on his or her behind! I think that we can all agree that Bluetooth headsets should be used sparingly so you don’t alienate those around you.

The Loudest Girl in the World

Day 233/365 - It's Seattle

 Photo credit: Flickr by Great Beyond

She's at the movies, in the bookstore, and on the train. You know she's there because you hear her, shrieking laughter and carrying a running commentary about her haircut, her newest crush, the shoes she just bought, and how she totally stayed out all night. She's loud, she's proud, and she's probably sitting right next to you.

The Person in the Stall Next to You


 Photo credit: Flickr by Skelekitten

Speaking of etiquette, what happened to restroom manners? There are some things you just never do, like carry on a cell phone conversation while you're doing your business. The only thing more awkward than listening to two people converse between stalls is listening to a one-sided conversation while you're trying to do your thing!

The Texting Terror Who Avoids All Eye Contact

The "texting" girl.

Photo credit: Flickr by A N D A L I B

This habit pops up in the most unexpected places. Maybe it's your friend, your colleague, your current significant other, or a brand new date. You can't really tell, because the person won't look at you—he or she is too busy texting about your outing rather than actually participating in it. But don't worry, later you can just hop on Twitter or Facebook to see if the two of you had any fun!

The World's First Professional Cell Phone Photographer

Gabe and his camera phone

 Photo credit: Flickr by Jason Pratt

Hey, look at that plastic bag blowing in the wind! Check out the way that bird's cocking its head as the sun goes down behind it! Observe the subtle nuance of the cell phone user's expression as she pouts in the mirror! Wherever you see these things, you'll also find the world's newest photographer clicking away over and over, then using a variety of apps to make pseudo-artist photos that get plastered all over every social media site ever. Extra points to shutterbugs who include esoteric quotes over their pictures!

The Speaker Phone Over-Sharer

019 - "I want you to really listen to me..."

Photo credit: Flickr by Brandon Heyer

With everyone using cell phones, TMI abounds, especially when it comes to those users who really love their speaker phones. They carry on personal conversations wherever they are, never deigning to hold the phone to their ear or use a headset. At least now you know both sides of the stories you hear from the guy with the Bluetooth, right?

Cell phone etiquette is really important, especially in public. From old school flip phones to the newest T-Mobile LG phones, manners still matter. Until it starts trending, keep an eye out for these “specimens” as they appear in the wild—and avoid becoming one of them!

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