Shooting at Empire State Building - Guns Kill People!

5 years ago

I, like many others, started the day with the news of a mass shooting at the Empire State Building. Reportedly 2 people are dead and 9 are injured. Why did this happen? First because this person was a disgruntled former employee of Hazan Imports, second because he was mentally unstable and third because he was able to obtain a SEMI-AUTOMATIC WEAPON CAPABLE OF FIRING SEVERAL ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION!

This has been a bloody summer with mass shootings punctuating the news. This is also one more very glaring example of why gun laws should change in the United States. Oh, I know there is the idea that everyone is protecting their right, granted to them by their founding fathers, but those dudes had no idea just what today’s citizens would be carrying. It was one thing to need a gun to hunt or maybe do some target practice but it can hardly have been predicted that massive amounts of people would die simply because guns were in the hands of deranged, angry or stupid people.

Then there is the argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Well, that is flawed too. Let’s measure the degree to which a gun can kill people as opposed to a person wielding a knife, hammer or some other tool. The weapon carried makes a huge difference to the kill zone; the scope of injured or deceased is directly related. Guns most certainly kill people in a very quick and indiscriminate way that other tools do not. Crazy is crazy and angry is angry but if I was going to have a chance of survival after being confronted by either of those scenarios I would prefer to fight the person without a gun.

I recently listened to a very friendly woman talk to me about the reasons why she was taking gun training. She and her husband are concerned that their store is being cased by some unsavory types and she would feel better if she was armed. Previously, she had never wanted to own nor carry a gun but it was suggested by her husband as a good defense just in case.

Attending her first classes she felt awkward but after a few lessons she now describes herself as feeling empowered. Not to take away from her feeling of empowerment but I couldn’t help but wonder what’s the cost? It was fear that drove them to become armed and if the time comes to draw a weapon it’s likely the perpetrators may also be armed. You see, I’m not entirely convinced that two people with guns pointed at each other makes for a good ending.

Here’s my second thought to what I was hearing. In Canada, this would not be an option for me to go out and carry a gun. So, same scenario as I have outlined above, what am I to do? Well, I have to contact my local law enforcement. Beef up security around my store. Stay vigilant and document a description of anyone or anything suspicious and then I have to accept that I have done all I can to protect myself and my store. I mean, really….how is it that across this country people just get by without arming themselves? In fact, lets expand further and travel to a few countries in the world where bearing arms 24/7 is not an option. How do they survive?

I’m sickened by the loss of life and even more sickened by the culture of fear that hides behind an outdated script in a document. These are tough times and it stands to reason there is going to be a whole lot of mental cases surfacing. But, you can’t for one moment deny that crazy is far more dangerous when it is holding a gun firmly in its hands and indiscriminately spraying a crowd of innocent people.

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