Liberals Don't Own "Women's Rights"

5 years ago

My phone rings and a familiar voice from the other side of the country says: "I loved your blog post! I emailed it to all my girlfriends."

I confessed that I didn't know if Republican women would dig it. In truth, it seemed to upset liberals more.

"God forbid a Republican woman take a stand for women's rights," she said.

Her point is a valid one. As a Republican DC insider and Hill staffer, she's in the thick of the daily political mudslinging. Some issues just naturally get stuck in the bike spokes of one party or the other.

But is this one of them? Do liberals own "women's rights?"

As a conservative woman, I care deeply about women's rights. But what about my counterparts? Are my peers just one daydream away from living it up as June Cleaver?

Since Slut-Gate erupted, I've actually seen evidence to the contrary even as the left cries out for conservative blood in the "war on women."

And the anger isn't coming from men -- frankly, it can't come from men.

As as one of my guy friends confessed, he agreed entirely with my recent post, but he felt an invisible cultural gag order placed over his mouth to keep silent.

The job to fight back had to come from women, and it seems they've been all too willing to take up the call to arms.

While we expect the more brave ones, like Michelle Malkin, to jump into the ring, I've been pleasantly surprised by some new voices in the fight.

Today, the Alabama Federation of Republican Women held a news conference publicly calling on the state's Democratic Party to cancel an upcoming fundraiser with "offensive TV personality Bill Maher."

The release stated:

"even though Maher has drawn fire for his hate-filled, misogynistic comments toward women, the Democratic Party has yet to cancel the event. Conservative women and the members of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women from across the state will join together in demanding respect from the state Democrat party, insisting that they cancel the event immediately."

Viva la revolucion!

Even ShePAC, created for the purpose of getting conservative women elected to higher office, jumped into the fray last week with its now infamous "Bill Maher: Obama's Million Dollar Man" YouTube video last week posing the question "Leading by Example?"

So far, the video has received nearly 400,000 hits and a slew of media coverage pointing the finger at leftist misogyny.

It's not just the clips of Maher and David Letterman casually tossing around hateful banter for laughs; it's the contrast with Democrats like President Barack Obama and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz chastising use of such language as not "funny."

But of course, they're referring to Rush Limbaugh's use of the word "slut."

ShePAC followed up the video with a letter calling on Priorities USA Action SuperPAC, a pro-Obama PAC, to return Maher's recent $1 million donation.

National Organization of Women President Terry O'Neill was asked about the letter recently on video. Since she supports the re-election of Obama, she does not give merit to the returning of that check or any other:

Though some do get held the same standards, most are generally chuckled off.

One exception befell MSNBC's TV and radio host Ed Schultz when he received a week's suspension for his "right-wing slut" remark toward Laura Ingraham.

But that's hardly the standard.

In order to drive the message home, ShePAC co-chairwomen Teri Christoph and Suzanne Haik Terrell wrote a piece for CNN "Democrats should reject Bill Maher's money," drawing more than 3,200 comments so far.

In the opinion piece, the women noted that "feminist icons," like Gloria Steinem, who rightly bashed Limbaugh over Slut-Gate, have also appeared as guests on Maher's show with nary a word of discontent over his history of abhorrent, debasing rhetoric.

Sorry, Ms Steinem, but a woman hater is a women hater even if he's a liberal.

Christoph and Terrell offered this thought on what women voters want:

"Women flocked to conservative candidates in 2010 after they saw their children's share of the debt skyrocket.They joined with conservatives as unemployment rose and their hope for the future sank. Women have seen our freedom (including speech) under attack, and we have taken to the ballot box and the campaign trail to put a stop to it."

In other words, feminism today means holding government officials accountable to run an efficient government and uphold our constitutional rights.

I've traded emails with ShePAC's Terrell, who's a hoot and a half on Twitter, and she had this to say this week:

"I am so happy with the response to the video -- it sometimes feels like no one has conservative women's back and now we know that's not true."

It's only true if we sit silently, waiting for the other stiletto to drop.

Don't for a second think that believing in limited government, fiscal conservatism, a strong national defense, free markets and personal responsibility means that I've somehow dropped my vagina off somewhere along the way. I'm still a woman.

I'm birthing America's future -- and from where I'm standing, it's a bright, capitalist city on the hill.

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