Sexism Is as Sexism Does

3 years ago

I had two friends debating yesterday, from differnt sides of the political divide, about the prevalence of misogynist asshats in each political party. I saw where each one was coming from, I really did.

It all started with this douche, Todd Kincannon, calling the Democrat running for governor of Texas, Wendy Davis, a whole shitload of nasty gender-specific slurs in a bunch of repellent tweets. He said outright that she was a whore, implied that she gave blow jobs to get through Harvard, sneered that she prostituted herself when she married her husband, and insisted that because her husband *gasp* helped raise their children she was a bad mother who failed to do HER duty.

Todd Kincannon is pathetic attention seeker who sent racist tweets during the 2013 Super Bowl just to get people to notice him, like a ill-mannered and/or neglected child. His defense against the racist tweets was, “I think a lot of people need to learn how to take a joke,” he said, “and I’ll leave it at that.” Thus, he is a passive-aggressive, narcissistic thundertwat, as well as a dickhead. However, he also “served as executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party between 2004 and 2010”. That makes him a politician of sorts, and a public figure.

Jessie, who leans more right, was arguing that the sexual slurs came from both sides and Bashir saying someone “should defecate and urinate in Palin's mouth” was just as bad, vis-a-vis a human stand point. Vanessa, from the Liberal camp, pointed out that Bashir was suggesting it happen to Palin because it was a form of punishment some slaves had to endure and Palin had been busted comparing the federal debt to slavery. It was rude, yes, but based on a historically accurate punishment and highlighted how very, very different the federal debt is to slavery.

Jessie countered with the fact outspoken liberal Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a cunt. Vanessa agreed that, yes Bill Maher was a disgusting sexist taint, but he was also just a comedian not someone in the political arena. Personally, I think Bill Maher is a misogynistic hyena scrotum who thinks that being pro-choice somehow gives him immunity from it. Like Todd Akin and that ilk, Maher denies he is a sexist even as sexist drivel comes out of his pie-hole. Deluded misogyny is still woman-fearing hatred.

There is no doubt that Todd Kincannon is politically affiliated with the Right, but in fairness, the Republican Party has been trying to wipe him off their shoes:

“A prominent GOP operative in South Carolina who asked not to be identified told The Daily Beast that Kincannon was “generously editing” his résumé to emphasize his time in the state party’s leadership. The operative said Kincannon served as executive director of the organization for just three months before resigning … [Kincannon] was also general counsel and parliamentarian of the state party. But the operative said that “anyone in the party with a law degree” could be called general counsel, and that parliamentarian was an unpaid, volunteer position with few responsibilities.”

As for myself, I agree with both Jessie and Vanessa, within certain parameters.

I think the GOP (and thus Team Right) is clearly the party that has the least interest in helping women, based on it’s voting record in the last few years. The GOP has, almost to the last man and woman in Congress, voted against The Violence Against Woman Act, The Equal Pay Act, as well as against bills that would help women and men, including voting against SEVEN different bills to aid Veterans, and a lot of jobs bills including the aptly named Bring Jobs Home Act which would stop corporations from getting tax breaks for outsourcing and offering government monies to help them relocate back here in the States. Not to mention the GOP stance on reproduction is antiquated at best: women don’t need an abortion ever and trying to link birth control with being slutty. Yeah, I think the hegemons do indeed have a war on women … and the middle class, come to think on it.

Nevertheless, some of the precious blossoms on Team Left shows their true misogynistic colors when the chips are down. While no liberal comedians or talking heads would stoop so low as to call Alan Keys the “N-word”, a whole hell of a lot them feel free to call right wing women whores, cuts, bitches, witches, and hags. That shit is sexist as fokk but it isn’t as important or valid as racism and not being racist. We aren’t in the Oppression Olympics; try to respect both groups please. Also when Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was accused of rape, liberal men (and women) flew their rape apologist flag and spewed bullshit from both ends. Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Naomi Wolf, and many more all jumped to defend Assange by doing an extended dance mix of “the bitch wanted it”, “she’s lying because he didn’t call her”, and flat out lies about what Assange was accused of doing. Clearly misogyny has a home in the Far Left.

I want the Right and the Left to find a common cause, but does it always have to be the same anti-woman rhetoric?

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