15 of the Best and Worst Pop Culture Teachers Are Put to the Test

3 years ago
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The end of the school year inevitably brings heated debate among parents and politicians about the value of tests  – for both students and teachers. Families insist that their children can’t be quantified by a single number, while educators reject being graded themselves or having their salaries tied to classroom performance.

Which, class clown that I am, naturally got me to thinking: How would the teachers in movies and on TV shows fare if they were subjected to the same evaluation system currently employed in real life?

Let’s sneak a peek at their report cards!


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To Sir, With Love (1967)
Teacher Name: Mark Thackeray
Alter Ego: Sidney Poitier
Pluses: Willing to teach delinquents at a failing school in the East End of London – as long as they follow his rules (mostly involving respect… and good grooming)
Minuses: Only teaching until a good engineering job comes through (or so he thinks)
Extracurricular: Excellent role model

Final Grade: A-

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Stand & Deliver (1988)
Teacher Name: Jaime Escalante
Alter Ego: Edward James Olmos
Pluses: Insists math is important – and anyone can learn it if they apply themselves
Minuses: Makes a mistake in class that causes his students to be accused of cheating (because they all made the same mistake on the big test)
Extracurricular: The real-life Escalante was fired because his class was so popular it lead to overcrowding, and students coming to school early and staying late

Final Grade: B+

Image via: Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group

Dead Poet’s Society (1989)
Teacher Name: John Keating
Alter Ego: Robin Williams
Pluses: Gets students to think for themselves and try new things
Minuses: As long as all thoughts students thought for themselves and new things tried were in line with Keating’s thoughts and approved activities
Extracurricular: Destroys school property; one student dead by suicide

Final Grade: C-

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Kindergarten Cop (1990)
Teacher Name: John Kimble
Alter Ego: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Pluses: Bulletproof (who needs lock-down drills?)
Minuses: “It might be a tumor.”
Extracurricular: Knows how to handle a gun. And a lonely mom.

Final Grade: B

Image via: Universal Studios

Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995)
Teacher Name: Glenn Holland
Alter Ego: Richard Dreyfuss
Pluses: Inspires love of music (not just desires for an easy A)
Minuses: Can get hundreds of grateful students (including a Senator) to turn up for his retirement, but can’t get them (including a Senator) to donate a couple of bucks each to keep the school music program going?
Extracurricular: Doesn't run off with a teen-age girl when she asks him to

Final Grade: B+

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X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
Teacher’s Name: Charles Xavier
Alter Ego: Patrick Stewart
Pluses: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters appears to charge no tuition
Minuses: Telepathically messes with student Jean’s mind (without telling her), leading to creation of destructive alternate personality (oops)
Extracurricular: Roller derby, anyone?

Final Grade: C

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School of Rock (2003)
Teacher Name: Dewey Finn a.k.a Ned Shneebly
Alter Ego: Jack Black
Pluses: Plays a kick-ass show!
Minuses: Doesn’t actually know anything about any subjects beyond rock & roll
Extracurricular: School of Rock after-school program!

Final Grade: C+

Image via:Warner Bros. Television


Welcome Back, Kotter (1975-1979)
Teacher Name: Gabe Kotter
Alter Ego: Gabe Kaplan (see, they’re totally different people)
Pluses: Former Sweathog now teaching Sweathogs
Minuses: Students pushing 30, still haven't graduated (the prettiest one dropped out, presumably to spend more time at the disco)
Extracurricular: Borscht Belt jokes. So. Many. Borscht Belt jokes.

Final Grade: D+

Image via: 20th Television

White Shadow (1978-1981)
Teacher Name: Ken Reeves
Alter Ego: Ken Howard (again, totally different people)
Pluses: Coaches basketball and tries very hard to stay out of his students’ business
Minuses: Actually had a class graduate! (Which meant building a whole new team from scratch the next semester.)
Extracurricular: Got more dates than his students! (Though not with his students.)

Final Grade: A

Image via: Warner Bros.

Head of the Class (1986-1991)
Teacher Name: Charlie Moore
Alter Ego: Howard Hesseman
Pluses: Enamored with history
Minuses: Enamored with his own opinions on history
Extracurricular: Keeps telling his academically gifted students to get his version of a life, instead of doing his job and supporting theirs

Final Grade: B

Image via: ABC

Boy Meets World (1993-2000)
Teacher Name: George Feeny
Alter Ego: William Daniels
Pluses: High standards for all students (and next door neighbors)
Minuses: Told class “I love you all” on last episode. A practice frowned upon by most teachers unions and PTAs
Extracurricular: Sounds just like the car on Knight Rider!

Final Grade: A

Image via: FOX TV

Glee (2009-2015)
Teacher Name: Will Scheuster
Alter Ego: Matthew Morrison
Pluses: Revived the Glee Club
Minuses: Has no life, friends or interests outside of Glee Club
Extracurricular: Marries the guidance counselor, then quits

Final Grade: C

Image via: FX

Breaking Bad (2008-2013)
Teacher Name: Walter White
Alter Ego: Bryan Cranston
Pluses: Hands-on chemistry learning
Minuses: Hands-on chemistry learning making meth
Extracurricular: Murder

Final Grade: D (not an F because darn it if Jesse didn’t learn a ton of chemistry from him)

Image via: ABC

How To Get Away With Murder (2014 - )
Teacher Name: Annalise Keating
Alter Ego: Viola Davis
Pluses: Teaches future defense attorneys how to get away with murder
Minuses: Teaches present-day sociopaths how to get away with murder
Extracurricular: Gets away with murder
Final Grade: Incomplete (pending whether or not her students – and/or Annalise – actually do get away with murder... long-term)


It’s a two-fer!

Image via: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Bad Teacher: The Movie (2011)
Teacher Name: Elizabeth Halsey
Alter Ego: Cameron Diaz
Pluses: Wants her students to do well on state test
Minuses: Wants her students to do well on state test so she can win a bonus and get a boob job
Extracurricular: Dating (and hopefully marrying) rich

Final Grade: N/A (left teaching to become a guidance counselor)

Image via: CBS

Bad Teacher: The TV series (2014)
Teacher Name: Meredith Davis
Alter Ego: Ari Graynor
Pluses: Mentors students
Minuses: Mentors students re: the benefits of marrying rich – and never working again
Extracurricular: Plotting to marry rich and never work again

Final Grade: F (did not marry rich and had to keep working – until the series was cancelled)

So what do you think? Do these movie and TV teachers deserve tenure… or fast track to retirement?


- Alina Adams


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