Saudi "johns" leave 900 children behind in Egypt

I’m on the record more than a few times when it comes to the Saudi practice of so-called misyar marriage. Plain and simple, I believe it is religiously sanctioned prostitution.


Here’s how it works. A Saudi guy – usually already a family man with a wife or two to his name – decides he wants to satisfy himself with a woman who isn’t his wife. Since s*x outside of marriage is a no-no, the guy marries the object of his lust, only instead of a real and permanent marriage with obligations and responsibilities, this one is fake and temporary and without any obligations or responsibilities.


All the s*x, and none of the sin.


Well, at least for the Saudi men.


Turns out the sins of these father are often visited on the children.


And, according to a recent Arab News piece, there are a whole lotta sinful fathers in Saudi Arabia.


About 900 children born to Egyptian women and Saudi men in what is commonly known as “misfar” or “tourist” marriages are abandoned by their fathers, said an Egyptian activist at a recent forum on human trafficking.


And remember, that’s just arrangements with Egyptian women. The same scam is going on in Malaysia and Indonesia, Morocco and just about any place else these guys can get by with it. Oh and here in Saudi too, of course.


Speaking at the conference in Egypt, Aiman Abu Akeel, chairman of the board of trustees of the Maat Foundation for Peace and Development, said that the majority of men who visit Egypt looking for misfar marriages tend to be Saudi, followed by Iraqis, and that the women they marry are predominantly younger than them.


Younger, as in under the age of 16!


Let's take a quick inventory, shall we? Paying for s*x. Check. Marriage scam. Check. S*x with minors. Check. Deadbeat dads. Check.


Altho nothing is mentioned about these girls – other than a Saudi lawyer saying they should have registered their marriages (which I’m sure would have really made their Saudi johns happy!) – quoted officials do have a few things to say about the children of these unions.


For one thing, things could be a lot worse, as in “their suffering is less than that experienced by children born in non-Arab countries.” I can’t help but wonder if that isn’t like saying getting beheaded is better than getting stoned…


The officials also point out that these kids are “smart and get educated,” and that not all of them turn to a life of crime. Some, apparently, “have become models and actors.”


And in case anyone was worried, “these children are not in need of financial aid nor do they want to come to the Kingdom.”


No, I’m sure not. After all, poor teenage girls who agree to have s*x with old Saudi guys for money obviously have trust funds set aside in case they get knocked up.


Anyway, the same lawyer made it clear that the women and their illegitimate children are way better off than the Saudi deadbeat dads who “could be punished” for violating the Saudi law which says men can’t marry foreign women without prior permission.


Glad he straightened that out.

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