Sagittarius Sun, Think Lucky! Think Large!

3 years ago

The Sagittarius Sun hits us on Thursday, November 21, 2013. Be ready to think lucky, think large. Let’s all enjoy this 9th sign of the Zodiac’s feelings of confidence, optimism and adventure. Always coming to mind is my favorite line from “Jaws” – “we’re going to need a bigger boat.” We just don’t have enough space for all the super happenings anticipated when there is a Sag Sun. Prepare to give and receive graciously – it has lots to do with attitude.

With this Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter, planet of fortune and “BIG”- ideas, actions, themes- we need to aim for controlled excess. There is this underlying sense of “can’t miss”, more is best, everything is wonderful!  Just remember to pause occasionally and look over the landscape – not only to enjoy the view, but also to realize that some of those “sure things” are not and might cost ya. Be happy, be an “of course” for abundance and excellence, reach for the good things, share your largesse, learn something new and pay attention to your intuition (Sags love a good laugh but they are also sharp, deep and can see what others don’t) but, be aware of the edges – over confidence might send you over. 

*Sagittarius - November 21, 2013   10:48 PM EST / 7:48 PM PST

*Gem stone: Citrine, Sodalite * Power color: Lilac, Mauve * Body Part: liver, Hips

BTW: The symbol for Sagittarius is the half man/ half horse Centaur – usually with a wine pouch. Perfect, just in time for a holiday gathering. Spread cheer!

(Of course, most affected will be those with a Sagittarius Sun, Rising and/or Moon sign. But, regardless of your actual birthday, ride the coattails and take advantage to benefit from the best vibrations of whichever sign the Sun is transiting. For the next 30 days, we can all share in some Sag upbeatness and fun.)






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