Rugby for Dummies

I have a confession: Even though I was born and raised in South Africa; grew up in a home where Saturday afternoons were spent braaiing and watching rugby; married the original Player No. 23; and even played in two of my varsity hostel's rugby games for charity, I have absolutely no idea what the game of rugby is about (gasp!).  Sure, I know that the object of the game is to score a try, for which you earn five points; and that the team with the most points wins.  But that's it.  Don't ask me about off-sides or line-outs or who plays in what position.  I just don't know.  And after 35 years of sitting in on rugby conversations and still not getting it, I don't think I ever will.  Or want to.  So there.

I remember to this day the shock and horror on our varsity coach's face when he asked me to switch positions mid-game and I had absolutely no clue where to go.  My blank stare completely shook his foundation (and his temper).  How on earth was I supposed to know that the 8th man is a loose forward, anyway?  Oh, the shame.

Don't get me wrong: I really enjoy attending rugby matches.  The atmosphere, the crowds - what's not to love?  But don't expect me to chime in during the mandatory pre-game speculation; or air my opinion during the inevitable post-game post-mortem.  I'd rather  talk about what's for dinner.

Great was Will's surprise then, when I won us tickets to a rugby match over the radio this week.  Talk about being a dream wife.  


And you know what?  We had a lovely time.  Baby Girl and I sported orange head gear in support of our team (yes, despite my complete ignorance and total lack of insight I do have "a team") and we cheered our hearts out.  Just don't ask me who played.  (Just kidding.  Well, sort of.)

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