Romney's "We Did Build This" Right on Target

5 years ago

While Mitt Romney continues his foreign trip to England, Israel and Poland, back home the debate rages on as to who builds what in America.

Just 99 days out from Election Day, 18 "We Did Build This" events span 12 states driving home the campaign's full-court press on President Obama's controversial remarks on in Roanoke, Virginia. on July 13:

"If you've got a business - you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

Seizing on the momentum, Romney pumped out two related videos back-to-back "These Hands - Ohio" and "The Right Kind of Leadership."

Clearly, there's something internal polling shows the Romney camp that lights up on this issue and I'm hardly surprised.

It's a serious, sticky gaffe that's struck a live nerve with Americans. Regardless of whether voters support Romney, most tend to agree that they did work hard for their accomplishments.

Timing's been on Romney's side with the controversy. What symbolizes hard work and determination more than the Olympics?

Yet, the spin continues to right the narrative weeks later. The "taken out of context" arguments floated can't get in front of the train - it's gone viral to the point of becoming a pop-culture joke.

Just check out The Daily Caller's pretty funny top 10 "You Didn't Build That" memes.

The tiresome common explainer: Obama meant that he meant "schools, infrastructure, government loans and regulations, and so on."

Right, you mean the services and products our tax dollars pay for with our businesses? And isn't our government "of the people, by the people and for the people?"

I'm not disagreeing with a need and support of a strong central government; I'm saying I pay for it and it's mine. Further, Mr. Obama works for me because he bested the competition.

What's so wrong with saying "I did it, I won?"

Where does such a silly notion end? Ryan Lochte didn't really win gold for the 400 individual medley? Conversely, who is to be blamed for losing his other races?

In a heated discussion about this on my Facebook page, a friend and smart cookie Melissa Stone made a darn good comparison: If you receive an "A" in class, do you share that with a study buddy who got a "C" so you both get a "B?"

Short answer: no.

No matter how long Romney rides this gift, pop culture's certain to keep it alive beyond the realm of politics.

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