Revisit High School with "Here I Go Again"

4 years ago

Pretty much any time someone mentions high school, I thank my lucky stars that those years are behind me and I don't need to revisit them. They weren't the worst years, but there weren't my glory days, either. But what if they had been the best years? What if I discovered I messed them up entirely? If those questions intrigue you, step right up to Jen Lancaster's new novel, Here I Go Again, and enter Lissy Ryder's world.

Lissy Ryder was that girl in high school. You know the one. She was pretty and popular. She all the right clothes, and her daddy bought her a pink convertible for her birthday. She was a cheerleader and the queen of the school. Lissy was either your best friend or she made high school complete and total hell ... possibly both.

What happens when that girl never leaves high school? Oh sure, Lissy went to college. She graduated and got a job. She got married. But all her best days were in high school, and she hasn't quite realized that it's over. She's peaked. Lissy though her life was pretty good until a few weeks before her twentieth reunion. After losing her job, her husband and her home, she finds herself living with her parents again -- just like she did in high school.

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It's ok! She'll figure out what happened and get back on track after the reunion. The reunion will be fabulous because everyone will bask her in glory, even if it's not quite as glorious as it was a few weeks earlier. She's Lissy freakin' Ryder. Everyone loves her.

Can you guess what happens when she shows up to the reunion? If you guessed that she would find out that people really don't love her, you'd be right. All those times she thought she was being funny? It turns out that she was just hurting people, and they hate her for it. The worst part, as far as she's concerned, is that their lives are now far better than hers. One of them is even Oprah's neighbor!

When someone gives Lissy the opportunity to make things right, she jumps on it. Can she make things right for everyone, including herself?

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