Remembering Union Thugs on 9/11

3 years ago

Dipshit Teabaggers and other far right numbnuts love to call firefighters and cops and teachers “union thugs”. Apparently, a union thug is any worker will not roll over for privatization and/or support the fascism of the far right, but the unions of firefighters, police, and teachers in particular seems to chafe the ass of the American Taliban of Tebagistan. Why? Perhaps it is because they are some of the few large unions left, or perhaps it is because people think they deserve praise and pensions which makes it hard for the twatwaffle extremists to paint those union members as evil, or perhaps it is both.

Today, in remembrance of 9/11, I’m going to point out just what those union thugs are willing to do for their community. Then I will jack-slap any asshat who thinks they get paid “too much” or have “too many” benefits as part of their job.

On this day in 2001 almost 3000 Americans were killed in a terrorist attack, and among the dead were 341 firefighters – including the fire chief, marshal, chaplain, and commissioner of the NY fire department, 2 paramedics, 60 police officers, and 8 EMTs from private companies who should be honored as well. So that is a total of 401 known union thugs to have died trying to save the lives of their fellow citizens. How many politicians or pundits of either political side died saving lives that day? ZERO.

Furthermore, over 1000 first responders have gotten cancer since that day, and “a Mount Sinai Medical Center study found a 15% higher cancer rate among 9/11 responders than among people not exposed to the Ground Zero toxins. How has the government thanked these heroes? Well, nothing until December of 2010, and then only after America threw a fokking conniption. On December 9. 2010 the GOP members of the Senate “filibustered legislation to monitor and treat first responders and emergency workers who suffered illnesses related to 9/11.” They decided it was a waste of money, apparently. In fact, the bill only passed through Congress on 12/22/10 because Democratic “senators reached a deal to ensure Republican support for the bill … [in response to] a filibuster and threats of obstruction by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) … The new deal reduces the cost of the bill by $6.2 billion from its previous Senate version and $7.5 billion from the version that passed the House, according to a statement from Coburn's office. It calls for closing the Victims Compensation Fund in 2016 instead of 2031, preventing claimants from pursuing civil lawsuits if rejected from the fund, and limiting infrastructure costs and attorney fees.”

My brothers are a firefighter and an EMT/paramedic. Anyone wonder why I don’t vote for the GOP?

Senator Tom Coburn is such a thunder-douche that he also demanded that federal disaster aid to his own constituents be “offset by spending cuts” because “the federal government had “created kind of a predicate, that you don’t have to be responsible for what goes on in your state” by providing aid after disasters like the tornado that hit the Oklahoma City area”.

Speaking of the tornados that did so much damage to Oklahoma last May, when one of those twisters hit an elementary school … guess who used their bodies as shields in an attempt to save the lives of those students? That’s right. The fokking union thug teachers, that’s who. In fact, in one case rescue workers had to pull a car off a teacher and found the three SAFE children she had kept alive by using her body to protect their smaller, more fragile ones. Once rescue worker was quoted as saying “I don’t know what that lady’s name was, but she had three little kids underneath her. Good job, teach.” Another teacher had her spine broken when she used her body to take the impact of a falling brick wall, saving the lives of the students she had underneath her.

Still think those union thugs get paid too much?

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