The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Episode Sixteen Recap

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In this episode, our Housewives still on a road trip through California.  The first thing we see is Melissa trying to take pictures of Teresa and Joe, and her (Teresa) criticizing his smile.  When she offers him to "(BLANK) her in the ass" to get him to smile, Melissa looked grossed out.  Can't saw as I blame her on that one.   Ewww.  We find out that unless Joe Giudice gets "hanky panky" at least once a day he gets "very, very cranky".  Thanks for the visual on that!  

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 On their way to Sonoma (with Joe Gorga, Richie and Albert driving) the conversation between Jacqueline and Teresa was rehashed on both the Gorga/Giudice and the Manzo/Laurita bus.  Melissa tried her hardest to get Teresa to understand what she's done that have made people upset (bashing people in the tabloids for one).  Teresa's feeling is once the magazine is out, there's nothing she can do about it.  Melissa suggests that she not answer any questions or make any negative comments about the rest of them and maybe it will be easier.  She tells Teresa that she's enjoyed spending time with her, and she likes her again.  They are starting with a "fresh slate" and moving forward, with Melissa being very optimistic that it will last.  Teresa feels complete now that she and Jacqueline have cleared the air.  Jacqueline feels that she can't go that deep with Teresa but she can have fun.  Lauren Manzo reminds her not to lose site of what she feels is really in Teresa's heart - a bitter, jealous person.  The Manzo tolerance level for Teresa is at zero, and Jacqueline understands where they are coming from.  Caroline feels that Teresa does things and isn't truthful after the fact.  Jacqueline would like to have a casual friendship with Teresa, and she knows her limitations.  Caroline, on the other hand, is completely done with her.    

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 They arrive at Lancaster Estate and it is stunning!  Everyone is thrilled not to be camping but to be staying in what looks like a fabulous hotel/resort/home.  They are in the room 20 minutes and Richie breaks a wine glass.  Chris Laurita is concerned because the trip has been all fun up until now, but this part is business.  He reminds everyone to be on their best behavior because this is WORK for him.  Once they arrive at Levendi, they are treated to a wine tour.  It's a small winery and they are really excited to partner with them.  Albie was definitely concerned about the entire group going along - originally it was just supposed to be Al, Chris, Christopher and Albie.  Teresa is annoyed because it's not "fun", but I don't think she remembers that it's work.  Christopher is really asking great questions and trying to learn about the business.  Joe Gorga is a little obnoxious with the sex references, and then he starts catching grapes in his mouth that Melissa is throwing.  Ugh.  Not exactly professional behavior.  Chris seems to cut the meeting short before it got out of hand.   

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The next morning the Lancaster Estate owner and winemaker take the group for a tour of the vineyard and wine making process.  They take them in to a wine cave and all I can say is WOW!   They start a wine tasting and for some reason Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga start making sexual references about a wood carving they see.  Very loudly.  And then climb on it.  What are they, third graders??  Chris pulls them aside to tell them to behave.  Caroline gets blindfolded for a surprise, they put her in a car, and drive her to the middle of the vineyard.  Al and the kids set up a birthday lunch in the vineyard for her and the view was breathtaking.  Albie's toast talked about how his mom was the best friend the three kids ever had - so sweet!!!  Christopher has always had the title of "momma's boy" and he owns it because she is the best momma in the world.  Lauren tells Caroline that all of their best memories revolve around her and she misses her whenever she is away from her.  Everyone is in tears!!  Then Joe Giudice jumps in and stutters his way through a toast (clearly too much wine).  His heart was in the right place - he said they should continue the friendship and never mind the BS.  They ask her about some highlights - and she says that Albert was the best thing that ever happened to her.  And then the kids. 

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In the middle of all of this birthday love, Joe Giudice gets up from the table to "call work".  He is still wearing his microphone while he is on the call and it's pretty clear he is not on the phone with anyone he "works" with.  Teresa is watching him and must have been suspicious because she goes over to find out what's going on.  I won't repeat the disgusting things that Joe said about his wife to the person he was speaking with on the phone.  Suffice it to say that regardless of how I feel about Teresa, no woman deserves to be called that - especially by her husband.  Teresa clearly knows that something was up with Joe and that he wasn't talking to who he said he was.  While the rest of the group is taking pictures with the gorgeous vineyards in the background, Teresa and Joe wander off.  The next thing you know, the two of them are screwing in the vineyards.  With the cameras going and everyone within eye site and ear shot!  OMG!!!!  And he's calling her horrible names and telling her he's not interested.  YUCK!  When they get back to the table, Joe Giudice tells Joe Gorga that she wanted a "quick one".  Who talks like this???  Joe Giudice looked like he had ZERO interest in his wife, and I felt bad for Teresa. 

On the last evening of the trip, everyone gathers for a beautiful dinner in the estate they are staying in.  Kathy expresses her frustration over the lack of bonding with Teresa to Jacqueline and Caroline.  She loves that the Giudice's and the Gorga's have mended fences, but it would be nice if she was included.  Kathy sits next to Teresa at dinner in the hopes of chatting.  Chris makes a nice toast, and then Teresa jumps in to say that she's had a great time with Joe and Melissa, happy 50th to Caroline and that's it.  Kathy feels like she was deliberately excluded and was embarrassed.  Richie wasn't surprised, but he was upset that Kathy was hurt by Teresa.  


NEXT WEEK:  The gloves come OFF and Teresa and Kathy and go at it (with a side dish of Manzo). 

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