Raising Hope--Throw Maw Maw From The House review

Previously on Raising Hope-- Jimmy and Sabrina officially became engaged thanks to Sabrina's Grandmother dieing and leaving her a house. Of course there was conflict when the viewers were shown that Jimmy and Sabrina's mom had made out back when he was going through his goth phase and Sabrina's mom was going through an "ugly phase" (pre nosejob and also before Jimmy knew Sabrina). Later in the episode Jimmy admits everything to Sabrina which proves to her that Jimmy can be a trustworthy companion considering he is willing to give up everything to tell her the truth. See a silver lining people!

Tonight's Episode-- Tonight's episode essentially revolved around child services coming and investigating the Chances. Before Jimmy and Hope can be interviewed by the woman from child services everyone starts to throw "inapproriate things" away while Virgina distracts the woman. They also go ahead and lock up maw maw in her room so she can't ruin the investigation but of course maw maw being maw maw got out through the window. Once everyone convenes in the living room to talk with the woman they find out that she is actually investigating a case that was called him back when Jimmy was actually 5 years old and crowd surfed at a concert (turns out child services is extremely behind). Before the woman can leave though maw maw comes in through the front door and starts "yelling" at Hope not to eat the last piece of taffy (hey I feel maw maw, I am a taffy fanatic don't eat the last piece!) and Virgina tells her no and starts spraying her with a water bottle to get back into her room. The child services lady sees this and decides to form a case against them being "abusive" to maw maw.

Later the lady is talking to maw maw and she starts to recount to her all these things that the family has done to them (which the stuff she names off were all to project her). The lady comes out of the bedroom and tells them that this was all disturbing and decides to do a formal investigation and if they aren't all fixed than the state will take over and put her in a home. Virgina yells out at her that she doesn't know how it is to live with her and that she is nuts but the lady was already gone.

The family decides to go ahead and try to take care of her by taking her to the doctors but maw maw doesn't want to go in so she locks herself in the car. Virgina tries to convince her to go in and Burt suggests getting the leash on her but apparently that is a no no according to the paperwork. Virgina tells maw maw that if she doesn't go in there that they will put her in a nuthouse and they will shock her, she agrees to go in. The family learns topics that old people enjoy, apparenlty they really like to talk about their hips. Also according to the state they aren't allowed to leave her alone so they take her to work with her (where she tries to drink cleaning liquid), they take the lock off her bedroom which makes her run away and than they put a bell on her to keep track of her which she promptly gives to a horse.

At the end of the episode the lady shows up at the house while maw maw is outside with Virgina and the rest of the family planting flowers. Virgina tries to play it off that she didn't know she was coming today but the lady doesn't buy it because she called this morning. She goes inside the house and looks at the fridge that is stocked with fruits and veggies and also fruit juices. They tells her that there is no lock on her door, no glass outside her window and no longer shackled to her heater (which the lady didn't know about). They also show her how they got maw maw to exercise more, a motion sensor light that she was to get up and move to turn back on (exercise tips everyone!). Maw maw than starts talking to the lady and tells her that she is evil and that she doesn't want to get electrocuted etc...but the lady says that the family has been lying to her and that she needs to pack her bag and they will go to a place that she will love. Virgina and Burt start fighting with the woman but it doesn't work and maw maw is taken away by the state.

Thoughts--Not a bad episode, loved seeing all the things that they have done to try to keep maw maw safe but to the state looks like they are abusing maw maw. I think I love this show for the far fetchness of everything that goes on with this family and that no matter what they do love each other but things just don't get any better for them. The third season of this show has really started off well and I love seeing little Hope getting older (isn't she an adorable child!)

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