Q&A with Princess Ann from Roman Holiday and my protagonist, Veronica Buccino

3 years ago

Princess Ann is well aware of her duties – greet dignitaries, dance gracefully, answer questions diplomatically, smile, move on to the next engagement.   

Veronica Buccino is well aware of her duties – go to work, review legal documents, dodge her snarky boss, engage in awkward conversation with co-workers, wake up and do it all again.  

Princess Ann wishes she could escape. Go unnoticed. Be free. Be a regular lady in a big city, tasting and taking it all in, unnoticed. 

Veronica wishes she could escape. Be asked to do nothing more than tasks like dancing and pleasant conversation.  Be pampered like it’s her natural born right and not because she’s a paying customer at Bliss Spa. 


Ann, welcome to the law firm of Ellis & Blackmore. Read these files, draft the necessary motions and if you must take lunch, try the sushi place on the corner. Best spicy tuna rolls in the city.  Oh and we’ll be here all night. Put in your dinner order with Margaret, the secretary. And take that crown off.  It’s not professional.

Veronica, it is an honor to meet your acquaintance. (Bows and curtsies all around.) You will be dining with the Prince and Princess of Spain this evening. We have brought in three dresses, all Givenchy, for you to choose from and if it is that none of these meet with your approval, we will bring in more.  

24 hours later. Q & A, conducted by writer/reporter/blogger Fern Ronay:

Fern: So, how was it to spend one day in the past as a princess?
Veronica: Incredible.

Fern: And Ann, how was it to spend one day in the future as a regular working gal?
Ann: Simply splendid, thank you for asking.

Fern: Veronica, you’re an educated, gainfully employed lawyer in New York City. Who the hell are you to complain?
Veronica: Wanna switch?
Fern, under her breath: Typical lawyer. Answers a question with a question. 

Fern: Ann, Princess Ann, Your Royal Highness, there may be some people reading this interview who, perhaps, find it hard to believe that a princess, someone who seemingly has it all, could actually want to escape her life, even for a day. What would you say to those people?
Ann: Well, I would kindly respond to those individuals that they are correct. I am indeed blessed. Of course, I’d also kindly ask each of them if they would like to switch with me, even for a day. 
Veronica: Um, I’m sorry, she basically just said the same thing I did. Wanna switch?
Fern: Moving on. 

(Fern flips through her notes.)

Fern: OK, Veronica, what did you think of Ann’s gowns?
Veronica: Wow, they were gorgeous…but itchy after awhile.

Fern: Ann, what was it like to wear a business suit? 
Ann: Why, they were quite stylish, I must say…but itchy after fourteen hours.

Fern: Veronica, what did you think of the palace?
Veronica: It was so big! And beautiful! But…cold.

Fern: Ann, what did you think of Veronica’s New York City apartment?
Ann: I thought it was the elevator.

Fern: Veronica, how was the caviar?
Veronica: Squishy. And fishy.

Fern: Ann, how was the sushi?
Ann: Squishy. And spicy.

Fern: Veronica, how were the ladies in waiting?
Veronica: Nice!

Fern: Ann, what did you think of Veronica’s boss and co-workers?
Ann: Uh… well… the secretary, Margaret, she was lovely.

Fern: Veronica, how was the ball and your new friends?
Veronica: I made friends? Who was friendly?

Fern: Ann, how were post-work cocktails with Veronica’s friend Jada?
Ann: Great fun! Those martinis are quite strong and that Jada, oh my, she uses rather colorful language, doesn’t she? 
Veronica turns to Ann: Oh no, I am so sorry. I apologize for Jada.
Ann: Oh dear, don’t  apologize. It was a hoot.

Fern: Alright, let’s talk love.
Veronica: Let’s not.
Ann: It doesn’t matter who I love. My future marriage is arranged.
Veronica turns to Ann: That’s awful. I’m sorry.
Ann shrugs.

Fern: Well, alright, did your Freaky Friday at least make you appreciate the life you have?
Ann: Pardon me, what, pray tell, is a … Freaky Friday?  
Veronica: Did it make me appreciate – 


Fern, Ann and Veronica turn.  A plump elderly gentleman is walking toward them. He’s with an elderly woman dressed in a long coat with a fur-trimmed collar. 

“Excuse me, sir,” Fern says. “We’re in the middle of an interview.”

“Yeah, well, your interview is finito,” the elderly man says.

“Sorry,” Veronica stands up. “Those are my grandparents.”

“Let’s go,” Grandpa Sal says, pointing in Veronica’s direction. “We’ve got work to do. We gotta work on you, ya know.”

Grandma Ant smiles and loops her arm through Veronica’s as they walk toward the exit. 

Veronica turns back to mouth “Sorry” to Fern and Ann. 

Grandma Ant suddenly stops in her tracks. 

This makes Veronica trip. She catches herself and stares back at her grandmother. 

“What?” she asks the old woman.

“Have you been tweezing your eyebrows again?”

At this, Grandpa Sal reemerges. 

“ANTOINETTE! We have to go!” 

He walks behind Veronica and Ant to usher them out. Grandma Ant swats his hand. “We’re going. We’re going. We’re movin’, Salvatore.”

Fern gathers her notes from her lap and stands.  “I’m sorry but we haven’t finished the interview,” she calls after them. “There are things we need to know. Does Veronica stay at the law firm? Does she find true love?  We have to know. I - I need to know.”

Ann pipes in. “Why yes, I’d like to know as well.”

Grandpa Sal turns around. “Ya wanna know? Read the book.”


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Well, thank you again for reading. 


Fern (insert curtsy) 

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