"Project Runway" Recap: The Designers Dress Heidi Klum -- Again

Dudes, has the well run dry? Just sayin'.

Yes, this week's challenge was just as exciting an opportunity as the challenge several weeks ago. Because it was the same challenge: Create a look for Heidi. This time for "the red carpet," instead of a Marie Claire cover, so ostensibly, a less exciting challenge. Now, it would have been interesting if either of these Heidi challenges were about dressing her in her Magically Pregnant state, but both times they gave them the easy out of designing for her post-baby.

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But let's face it, the biggest drama in this episode wasn't about who Heidi would pick. It was about FINALLY answering the question: Why didn't Maya show a collection along with TEN other designers at Fashion Week?

Because: She didn't wanna.

Yup, pretty much that simple (and incomprehensible). She didn't feel ready to articulate her point of view as a designer. Not for a dress for Heidi, and not for a collection. I guess she knew she'd have to go beyond lizard/seaweed ruffs. And perhaps she realized she was being very derivative, and that it would catch up with her? I really don't know, it is indeed one "shocking development" that was shocking.

And just when the S.O. and I were saying "How could she do that, how stupid!", Seth Aaron told us to f*ck off. NO really. He said that anyone sitting home wondering how she could do that should "F*ck off". OK, Seth Aaron. So noted.

Then, although they tried to tease about which designer would come back to replace Maya, of course there was really only one choice. Welcome back, Anthony!!

Then they tried to create drama over a model getting another gigzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, don't care about the models.

Tim and Heidi visit, and much angst and stress is on display. It does get a bit old to have to hear every week, every season, how hard it is to pull of whatever challenge there is in whatever time they're given and for whatever budget they're allowed? WE GET IT. But it's kinda the point of the show, you know?

Finally, can I just say that any contestant who *doesn't listen* to Tim or Heidi at this point deserves to go home? Watch the show, people, Tim is always right (and Heidi is a judge!) End of story.

Let's get to the runway and leave all the drama behind...make me feel something on the runway, biatches!

MagicallyPregnantHeidi, NK and ninagarcia are joined by (questionable) "style icon", actress Jessica Alba, on the judging panel. As always, click on the designer's name to see their creation.

1. Jay
Jay was one of two different designers I would have sent home before the designer that was actually sent home. He created an outfit that marked the confluence of at least three unflattering design elements in one ugly outfit. Take a corset top in a bland beigey-grey color...make sure the strapless bodice is actually a little droopy on the model's already small bosom. Make sure it has a horizontal striping effect, because we all look better in horizontal stripes don't we? Then, to top it all off, make some kind of flouncy pleaty monstrosity of a skirt, where all the volume *starts* right at the widest part of the hips. Clicking on the links you'll see the still photos of the outfit, but I actually think they don't convey how clunky it looked moving down the runway. Hated it, can you tell?

2. Mila
You know I would have sent Mila home last week for that teepee dress. So it's no surprise that she has run out of chances with me. Especially if she's going to send *poorly-made* crap down the aisle. At least in the beginning she was making predictable, black and white, color-blocked fashion that looked well-made. Now she's making ill-fitting schmattes. This time an unflattering gunmetal gray and gold (bad color combo to start with) "cocktail dress" with a million seams pulling, an unflattering fit and random stripes appliqued to give it some "design". Feh.

3. Anthony
Anthony made a splash with his unexpected return, sending something eminently tasteful down the runway, thus eliminating any of those snide "it's a question of taste" comments from MK and ninagarcia. A simple elegant long black and white dress flowed down the runway and showed just enough leg to be sexy, not slutty. A big win for Anthony.

4. Seth Aaron
Seth Aaron created a long black dress with many studs and grommets and details. Sound familiar? Yup, pretty much what he does every week, only pared down a bit. To me the biggest problem was that it was unflattering. All the lines were, again, horizontal. His model actually looked a little zaftig, which as you can imagine, is some feat. Basically, this wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.

5. Jonathan
[Spoiler alert] Don't get me wrong when I say above that there were two designers I would have sent home before the one who did go home. (Hint: It's Jonathan.) All it means is that I'm more interested in what Jonathan might do next. Because, this week: His outfit was Godawful. Really indescribably bad. It was supposed to be a kind of gray and black and coral short draped dress. But everything about it went wrong. Too short. Front really badly sewn. Too much of the wrong colors. Bad, bad, bad, I'm not denying it.

6. Emilio
Wow, Emilio really sent a stunner down the runway. A floor-length bronze sequined column dress. Didn't love the bow thing on one shoulder. And I can totally see that it's not wildly innovative. But it was so impeccably made and fit so well, it just made a statement that popped.

Image: Lifetime

The judges really only liked Anthony's and Emilio's, and once again they bucked the norm and awarded two winners. Heidi would wear Emilio's, but Jessica wanted to wear Anthony's. It was actually really nice to see Anthony redeem himself after getting his second chance!

Everyone else didn't make the grade, from being too boring (Seth Aaron) to being unflattering (Jay) to being poorly made and slapdash (Mila and Jonathan).

And it was time to auf Jonathan.

Hard to argue, given how bad his dress was, but I'm sad to see him go before, especially, Mila.

But what did you think?

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