Post Secret App Already a Big Seller

6 years ago

Post Secret began in 2004 as a blogspot blog. It's moved to since then. Millions of visitors check the site every Sunday for the week's new secrets. The creator, Frank Warren, has always embued the site with a sense of loving kindness, acceptance, and support.

Each weekly update includes links to the Suicide Hotline and words of encouragement to those who reveal their darkest secrets. Some of the secrets are silly and funny, some reflect shame or regret, some celebrate life. The secrets have always arrived at Frank Warren's house on postcards as little handmade works of art sent through the mail. The post cards have also been collected into a series of very popular books and used in museum shows.

That's about the change. Now there's an app for that. You can get the app from Post Secret App. It's available for iPhone and iPad, with an Android version coming soon. It costs $1.99. Android users who are feeling left out can leave an email address at to be notified when a version that will work for them is available.

According to the Post Secret, the app attracted over 100,000 users who shared 50,000 secrets in the first two days.

Going digital means many thousands more secrets can appear each week, obviously. But does it mean the community will retain its feeling of acceptance and support that has characterized it up to now? The app is a crowdsourced project, with over 80,000 members of the Post Secret Community working to create guidelines to ensure the safe sharing of secrets. Users will be able to tag inappropriate content.

Cendrine Marrouat, in Digital Journal points out, that like the Post Secret web site, with it's constantly present link to suicide prevention resources, the app will be linked to the International Suicide Prevention Wiki.

According to Angela Watercutter, writing at Underwire, the app

will let users take photos with their phones, add 140 characters worth of “secret” and upload everything anonymously to the PostSecret mobile community. Users of the app can then look through the intimate messages and “heart” them, comment on them or add their own secret posts.

Users of the app can opt to tag their location and to send their secret to Facebook and Twitter in addition to the app itself. Secrets sent to the app are anonymous. (Posting it to your Facebook page would definitely not be anonymous.) In addition to keeping their identity secret, users can also take back secrets that they regret sending in.

At Being Allison, her reaction to the news that there was an app for Post Secret was,

I have been a reader of PostSecret for many many years now! I have even bought 2 of the books that they have published! It’s an amazing community of people and I just love reading the postcards. It makes you feel like that you are not alone with some of the feelings you may have! I am so excited that now I can read the postcards from my iPad!

What's your reaction? Have you already downloaded the app, or do you intend to soon?

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech
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