Is the Position Of Point Guard Overrated?

3 years ago

point guard is overrated

Point guards in the NBA are among some of the most exciting and dynamic players. Players like Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, and Rajon Rondo seem to control the court with their instinctive passing and explosive scoring ability. Point guard is considered an elite position in the NBA and teams are constantly attempting to build a dynasty around the next great point guard but how important is the Point Guard position to the success of a professional basketball team?

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Is it possible that the position of point guard is overrated? Despite the NBA logo boasting the figure of the famous Jerry West, and the league being infused with young talented guards like John Wall and Derrick Rose, recent history in the NBA shows that point guards may be an overrated position. An elite point guard would certainly be a welcome addition to any team, but can a team truly reliant on a point guard win a championship?

Looking back at every championship since 1996 not a single title winning team has relied on their point guard to be a true star. Point guards may have been legitimate contributors for the team but they always had one or two star caliber players that were more important than the point guards. The Mavericks have Dirk, the Spurs had Dave Robinson and Tim Duncan, the Celtics had the “Big Three”, the Bulls Jordan, the Lakers Kobe, and the list goes on and on. Every team had elite players other than the point guard. The closest a player came at the point guard position to being the top player on a championship team was Chauncey Billups when he played for the Pistons at the beginning of the Millennium. Billups averaged 16 points per game and 6 assist per game when the Pistons won in 2004, Good numbers but hardly carrying the team.

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Better yet, even with the NBA currently having some of the most exciting point guards in recent history, they still don’t produce like one would expect. Players like Rondo, Irving, and John Wall are on some of the worst teams in the league, but it’s not just the new guys at point that can’t produce, even the huge names have done very little. Deron Williams was once touted as an elite point guard in the NBA, but now a days can’t play two solid games in a row, and Chris Paul the maestro of “Lob City” hasn't even come close to a championship in his multiple years in the league. When looking at the top teams in the NBA currently most don’t have an all-star caliber point guard. The Pacers, Heat and Thunder are all currently winning consistently without a Point Guard. These three teams all play defense, have strong big men, and have legitimate wingmen to slash to the bucket. They don’t have dime dropping, point scoring, and electrifying Point guards leading the way, and even when Russell Westbrook comes back he will still be number 2 behind Durant.

The NBA is a league that focuses on the excitement and commercial aspect of the sport and a lot of that is brought out in the elite point Guards of the NBA, but for an organization looking to rebuild (“cough” “cough” the Celtics) building the organization around a point guard simply will not produce championships.

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