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6 years ago

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Sometime back in 2008, I heard the lyrics from Pink's "Glitter in the Air":

Have you ever hated yourself for staring at the phone?

Your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you're not alone?

While most people might have heard this lyric in reference to a phone ringing, I went straight to the wedding ring. Cause that's how I roll. I was in a moment of weakness. Yes, Pink. I have been waiting my whole life for a ring to prove that I'm not alone -- to others. To myself.

But then, just when I thought I might bawl my eyes out, I tuned in to "So What?" and the world was good again. Since then, I've listened to both songs roughly one billion times. Every time I hear Pink's music -- any of it -- I swoon. She gets the serious stuff and the silly stuff. To be honest, I need both kinds of songs. I don't do "happy" all the time. I appreciate her honesty. Sometimes, I need someone to understand my feelings about the ring. She clearly does.

Back when I was having an extreme hate-affair with President Bush, she gave me "Dear Mr. President." When I was feeling insecure about not being hip enough in Chicago, she gave me "Stupid Girls." When I was in a very unhealthy relationship with an ex-boyfriend, she blessed me with "Please Don't Leave Me." It seems that every time I need a song about a certain topic, Pink fufills. I haven't connected this well to music since the Indigo Girls glory days. (I still love them.)

Music is an interesting thing to me. I'm not so obsessed that I have a loaded iPod with me at all times. I don't actually listen to the radio in my car or at home. In fact, when people want to talk to me about music, I usually start to tune them out. Dating a rock star will do that to you. Eventually, you don't care AT ALL about music. If a new man asks me what kind of music I listen to when I'm out at a bar or something, I will walk away. SNORE. I only know about Pink's new releases because I see them announced on the Internet. And thank GAWD for that.

But I will concede that when you hear the right notes with the right words at the right moment, everything else falls away. And even though she will never know who I am, Pink has touched this woman's soul. More than once, she has saved me. She busted into my crusty, black heart and made me giggle. She taught me to not take myself so seriously -- to learn from my own mistakes and come out stronger and better than before. She's offered me a couple of long, hard looks in the mirror. For that, I am truly grateful. In fact, I am f*cking perfect.

Blondie writes at Tales From Clark Street.

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