Pick Your Favorite Crazy Reality TV Shows

5 years ago

Have you ever seen the classic movie "Network"? If you have, you know that the brilliant writer Paddy Chayefsky predicted over thirty years ago that one day crazy reality TV shows would rule the airwaves. But even the prescient Mr. Chayefsky could not have foreseen the lunatic levels some of the current reality shows have reached.

We are looking for your favorite "secret" reality shows in this week's poll. Not the big mainstream programs that everyone watches. We are talking about the nutty stuff that you might not normally mention in public. Like a series about tiny tots with big hair and sequins (Toddlers and Tiaras), or the show where a lady is systematically eating her living room sofa, one foam rubber bite at a time (My Strange Addiction). There are plenty of them out there, and we know you probably like at least one of them.

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Personally, I think Hillbilly Handfishing is a masterpiece of the genre. It's about prissy city folks (male and female) who are hauled out to murky swamps to catch giant catfish with their bare hands and feet. There is a LOT of high-pitched squealing by both sexes, much to the delight of the hillbilly hosts. No actual catfish are harmed in the filming (although they look pretty pissed off being yanked out of their mud holes), so animal lovers like me can watch without guilt. It is simultaneously horrifying and thrilling, and I hope to God nobody ever makes me do it in real life.

How about you? Which of the following reality show train wrecks do you secretly love to watch? Or, if you feel like these kinds of TV programs are a sign of the coming apocalypse, you can tell us that too. Come cast your vote on the Opinion Poll, confession is good for the soul!


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