The Phree Phone Guy!

5 years ago

If you’re having trouble deciding which candidate deserves your election support, ask yourself this question: Did Mitt Romney ever give you anything?

According to one disgraceful YouTube video filmed in Cleveland, Ohio, your choice is simple: Vote for the free phone guy, Barack Obama.


(Will somebody please remind me why we gave away all those Obamaphones, anyway?)


The obnoxious Obama supporter in the film calls upon everyone who is a minority voter, who gets food stamps, welfare, or Social Security ought to vote for the free phone guy because he’s going to give you MORE free stuff. And, reader friends, if he’s elected he will do just that.


It is his plan to tax the Bill O’Reillys for their obscene success and use it to make the world a cushier place for the rest of us. Speaking of O’Reilly, last night on the segment featuring comedian Dennis Miller, told the truth. If Obama is re-elected, those of us who struggle to make $40,000 a year need to quit our jobs and get in the welfare line where – magically – we will make nearly as much money through the government and not – to use Miller’s words – ‘bust our humps’ doing it. I’m considering Mr. Miller’s advice seriously. (Not.)


As this whole election cycle plays out, it becomes clearer and clearer that those of us who DO struggle every day to gather up enough cash to pay our mortgages and keep peanut-butter in the cupboard, need to work just a little harder at defeating Barack Obama. We need to wear the shirts, slap on the bumper-stickers and place the Romney/Ryan yard sign prominently on our property. We also need to make certain that every person we know – the ones we work with, the ones we shop with, the ones who live on our block – knows that another four years of Obama will destroy the nation as we’ve known it.



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