Photos From a Ghost Hunt: Orbs or Sensor Dust? You Decide.

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After much planning and one freak October snowstorm we finally made it to our Ghost Hunt tour with the Ghost Tour of Philadelphia folks.

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful albeit a lil chilly but bright and beautiful just the same so off we went to hunt Philly's oldest ghosts. One of the reasons that I love Philadelphia so much and in particular Old City Philadelphia is because you can feel the souls of the people who came before you walking with you on those cobblestone streets. We met the tour and my brother and sister-in-law in the Signer's Garden at 5th and Chestnut Street and made our way through the streets of Old City Philadelphia led by our tour guide, Loretta.


We stopped at locations such as Library Hall and the Bishop White House. Ben Franklin's ghost has been spotted at Library Hall. Well actually Ben's been sighted lots of places. This is just one of the locations Ben's ghost has been known to appear. Loretta told us about yellow fever while we stood outside of the Bishop White House. Two more locations included Washington Square Park and The Powell House, where we were actually able to go inside and listen as Loretta told us stories of Benedict Arnold, Major Andre and Peggy Shippen. It was at these two locations where my camera captured something. I believe in ghosts and I'll share my ghost story with you tomorrow, but I'm not knowledgeable about ghost sightings and orbs and all things paranormal. So I present to you the next four photos and ask for your opinion.


Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington Square Park, Philadelphia:


Note the red orb above the monument on the right and the fainter white orb above the monument on the left


Note the small white orb at the bottom left between the bench and the statue.


Washington Square Park is one of the five public parks included in William Penn's blueprint for Philadelphia. It became a potter's field and is the last resting place of unknown Revolutionary War soldiers, poor people, and victims of Yellow Fever. There now stands a monument to all the unknown soldiers who died and are buried there. It reads, Freedom is a light for which many men have died in darkness. The square once again serves as a public park and was one of our stops on Sunday night's Ghost Hunt. We were given 5 minutes to walk through the park and use our EMF meters to scan for ghosts. Our meter did not light up while we were there but when I got home and downloaded my photos onto the laptop I found these two. I don't know much about orbs or ghosts so I'm not sure if what you're looking at is sensor dust or orbs. I believe in ghosts so I'm inclined to believe they're orbs. What do you think? If you actually have some knowledge or ghosts and paranormal I'd love to hear your opinion. Leave me a comment and I'll e-mail you if you don't want to go in to detail in the comments


Staircase at The Powell House, Philadelphia

Please note the yellow-greenish oval-shaped orb, which appears to be moving/vibrating at almost the top of the stairs.




Please note the more defined yellow-greenish egg-shaped orb almost at the top of the stairs



The tour guide told us that the staircase and doorways were hubs of activity in this particular house so I waited for everyone to make their way back downstairs when the tour was finished. As everyone else listened to the tour's conclusion in the foyer I turned around and took a few photos of the staircase. I was amazed when I got home and downloaded both of these photos. I've never seen anything like this before. One of the people I showed these two photos to said the orb appeared to be vibrating.


The ghosts of the Marquis de Lafayette and Peggy Shippen (wife of Benedict Arnold) and those of Continental soldiers have been said to have been spotted here. I don't know much about orbs or ghosts so I'm not sure if what you're looking at is sensor dust or orbs. I believe in ghosts so I'm inclined to believe they're orbs. What do you think?

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