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5 years ago

What an exciting week it’s been, amiright?!?  The announcing of a veep candidate is like Christmas for wepaul ryan political junkies, and the week following is like the week after Christmas—wherein you spend all your time playing with your new toys… until you kind of get bored with them.

Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan elicited a maniacal giggle from my initially.  Mostly because I was immediately looking forward to The Daily Show’s review of it.  (It did not disappoint.)  But also because it was just as much as a wee democrat like myself could hope for.

Look, I see why Romney chose Ryan.  (Besides the potential for such great signs, of course.)  Romney is ensconced in vagueness.  So lost in his own world of generalities and ambiguity, that I don’t think he could even find his way out if he wanted too.  He either talks around the point, or changes his mind on it in five minute increments.  Not so, with Ryan.  Ryan is admittedly in the only prominent Republican in play that speaks in details and agendas.  He is the only conservative in Washington who, over the last few years, has been willing to put pen to paper and come up with a real plan.  He is the yin to Romney’s yang. 

Here’s the part that makes me giggle maniacally:  Ryan’s plan is RIDICULOUS.  And I’m not just saying that because I enjoy being on the same side as Nobel prize winning economists (which I do).  But mostly I’m saying it because it doesn’t make any sense.  And there is no way it will ever be taken seriously.  It is about as likely to make it through the halls of Congress as a group of streakers.

And then today there was this article.  HE is blaming the current crazy partisanship on Obama?!?  Are you freaking kidding me? My head might explode.  Man is a Tea Partier in Centrist’s clothing.  Ryan has publicly said several times that he is an avid Ayn Rand reader. And don’t we all know by now that she was mostly a wackadoodle?  That’s why the Tea Party intellectuals identify with her so well.  Enough said. 

Either way, word is that the selection of veep has energized the party base.  And that sentence can be said about just about any veep for either party in any election ever.  The real test is time… but just a few months of it.  We’ll see how it goes.  I remain optimistic.  I think he’s a lot like Sarah Palin.  A lot.  The main differences are his ability to articulate political concepts that he understands and that he HAS political concepts that he understands.  (zing!)  But, mostly he is a hardline conservative that is going to do nothing to win the moderate vote.  When people start talking more about his record and delving into his ideas, he is going to lose the confidence of Independents who might’ve been on the fence about voting for Romney.  So, unless Romney has another way to reel those votes in….  well, like I said, I remain optimistic.


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