Paging Boy Scouts of America!...Please Report to the 21st Century!

3 years ago

So I was more than a little taken aback by the fact that yet another Boy Scouts of America Charter was revoked as reported CNN several days ago.  This time it was a church out of Seattle and (good for them!) they refused to fire their pack's gay scoutmaster.  This scoutmaster, by the way, was a 49-year-old decorated Eagle Scout 

Now, I must admit, I am not a fan of churches or the Boy Scout organization in general, and mixing the two certainly gives me issues (that's a whole other topic), but to hear that this pack/church took a stand on this particular issue, shows their mettle and I am truly impressed. 

Sadly, the BSA pulling charters for this reason is not a new story, but it brings up a great question that I would LOVE to have an answer to...What goes on at BSA meetings or what do Boy Scouts do that the leaders can't be gay?  Thinking about possible answers to this question makes me more leary of scouting, not gays...   The 15 boys that are assigned to this troop have been given the opportunity to transfer to another troop, but what message does that send to those boys?  My high hopes is that the parents will take this opportunity to teach their kids that it is important to sacrifice being a Boy Scout than it is to support an organziation that is unfair to other human beings.

Personally, I find a great many things to be repugnant in the world, being gay is not one of them.  Lying and cheating are probably the top two.   I have heard many people use the word "pedophile" and "molestation" when talking about their fears associated with those that are gay.  Using that logic, and being a woman, I could most certainly draw a similar parallel between "being a woman" and "being a bitch",  The two are not interchangable.   I'm sure you can see the unfairness (at least I hope you can!).  You can't paint people with the same brush, as the saying goes.  No one wants to be labeled, but there are so many that jump at the chance to do so.

Interestingly enough, being a Girl Scout leader myself, I know several woman who are lesbians and are Girl Scout leaders, however this doesn't seem to ruffle the feathers of the GSUSA. 

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