Outstanding Entertainment Choices for an UNromantic Weekend

3 years ago

Romance, schmomance. We don't need to watch rom-coms or love stories today just because the first three aisles of the drug store have been aggressively pink and red since December 26th.

 Bey Bey can have her Drunk in Love and keep it to herself and what's-his-if-I-do-say-so-myself-name. There are a million reasons to hate Valentine's Day, or to not care about Valentine's Day, or just to hold it in distant disregard, and the world has our entertainment needs covered today, too. 

True Detectives Image: HBO

1. Power + Intrigue

Netflix is your one true love. By releasing the entire Season 2 of House of Cards they are ensuring that you have 13 hours of superb television to binge on this weekend. Fierce, spiteful, in-charge hours with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright at their absolute finest. 

If you haven't seen Season 1 yet, fix that, and don't go to this link offering a quick recap of the first season. Seriously, do not skip ahead. It's that good. 

2.  Crime + Mystery

As part of the record-breaking Kickstarter campaign that is bringing the Veronica Mars movie on March 14th, Amazon Prime is streaming all three seasons of the television show.   Whether you are new to the Marshmellow fandom (get ready to get obsessed) or want to relive the awesomeness that is Kristen Bell in one of the best-written, snarkiest hero's journeys to appear on television, you have a month to watch three seasons and to score advance tickets to the movie. 

3. Drama

January and February fortunately brought a blizzard of great DVD releases, including some absolute must-sees from last year: Fruitvale Station, The Butler, Dallas Buyer's Club.

Those are all sure things, and you'll want to see them before you place your Academy Awards bets.  Up for taking a chance? The Counselor is out, which people either tend to love (I think I did) or absolutely loathe. In other words, perfect for an anti-Valentine's Day celebration.

4. Television Catch-Up

Use the weekend to catch-up on some of the outstanding television the winter season is offering.

True Detective on HBO is my new obsession, and the slow creak up the rollercoaster of the first few episodes is, according to the author, about to send us on a freefall. The last few minutes of the most recent episode were breathtaking. Catch up so you can talk about this one right now as it unfolds.  True Detective feels like something new and wonderful is possible in television. 

In other "I can't wait for a new episode on Sunday!" news, you can catch up on Shameless. Holy cliffhanger last week, I don't even know what to say, except that I wish more people would watch the exploits of the Gallaghers. Shameless portrays working class family, child neglect, drug-addicted struggles with a cutting blend of humor and pathos.  I think Showtime has marketed Shameless wrong, because no one seems to know that it features an amazing ensemble including a luminous Emmy Rossum and the brilliant Joan Cusack. William Macy is outstanding, but he's only part of the show. I've been holding my breath all week to see where the next episode will lead, it's that good. 

Do you have any other non-romantic screen plans for the weekend? Share them with us here. It takes a village to avoid the onslaught of today's the pink-and-red blizzard.


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