Is Oscar doing Jenny Craig too? (Angelina Jolie)

6 years ago
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OK is it just me or does she look like the shriveled beautiful actress we use to know as Angelina Jolie? I was at an Oscar watching party with a group of friends and when she came on stage, there was a group "gasp" as she stood there looking like she didn't even have the strength to hold an oscar to give to the winner?

When did this become the "new sexy" for Hollywood? When did the 000 become the new size 4, and who the heck even wears a 4 these days? I'm past the point of ever believing I'll be skinny again because I'm just not willing to starve myself to get there! Then again what I consider skinny is Hollywood's idea of being obese.

This obsession with weight is driving me crazy! Every time we turn around there is another actress doing a Jenny Craig commercial, when we all know she really had lap band. Even the diet people cheat and lie about losing weight. There is a diet where you get hormone shots that tells your body you're pregnant! Women are taking extra testosterone! Yea you'll be skinny all right.......with a 5 o'clock shadow!

This is crazy! "Stop the insanity!"

Just me on a rant.

P.S. What was with that leg thing?