Open Letter to Jane Fonda from a daughter of a Vietnam Vet

3 years ago

Dear Ms. Fonda,

It has come to my attention that you have received a lifetime achievement award. I have to say, Hollywood has forgotten what happen in 1972 during your visit in Vietnam. Have the people of this country forgotten what you did? I know my father has not and to this day, your named is not allowed to be breathed in this house. He is a good man and I have never known him to hate anyone as much as he hates you. He, like the rest of the Vietnam Veterans, have not forgotten. Especially our U.S. POWS that were there  during the time of your visit. Your "Staged" press conference with American Serivemen held captive by the Viet Cong, was to proved that POWS were not being mistreated by their captors. In fact, they were mistreated daily. Your took messages from those POWS that were intended for home and gave them to the "enemy". This action, caused undue and unforgivable treatment to men such as the now Sentor John McCain.

Your apology in 1988, was something of a weak attempt to help yourself and career. No one believed or accepted your apology because it did not come from the heart. I think you were trying to just sweep the incident under the rug and hoped people would stop bringing it up. These days no one mentions you or gives you the time of day in the military world. 

Lifetime Acheivement awards signfy achievements Ms. Fonda, you have managed to achieve pissing off the military veterans, their families. You have even now spoke against the current war. I suppose you do not know how to keep your mouth shut and have not learned from the past.

You could have done so much for our veterans. Why not get to know them, the families, and understand what sacrifices they go through. You could have seen first hand what it is like to miss a loved one deployed or bury a loved one killed in action. Have you ever been to a military funeral? It is something you will never forget. Why not donate to our wounded warrior project or just volunteer your time.

Your have called our soldiers hyopcrites and liars. Ms. Fonda, look in the mirror. When you look at the award ask yourself what did you really achieve?



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