Once Upon A Time "We Are Both" review (live posting/review)

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Where we left off: Emma and Mary Margaret fell into the Hatter's magic hat and were transported to a part of Fairy Tale Land that was untouched (for some reason) by Regina's curse. Mulan and Sleeping Beauty (I guess we can call her Aurora since that is Beauty's name in the story) come upon them and are convinced they are the ones that brought the creature that killed their prince (Philip). Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Regina regained a little magic and was going to kill David (aka Charming) but Henry foiled her plan and left with his Grandpa leaving Regina all alone. David promises Henry that he will get them both back.

FYI--Tonight's review is going to be done differently. Instead of going back and fourth between the lands in the review, I will section it off as Fairy Tale Land Present/Fairy Tale Land Future/Storybrooke so it is a little easier to follow. The final minutes of the episode will get its own paragraph to tie up the episode review.


Storybrooke-- Grumpy and the other dwarf's are trying to figure out what will happen if they leave Storybrooke. Poor Sneezy is the one that "wins" the chance to see what happens, he is pushed over the line and something comes over him. Meanwhile, we finally get to see August who is pinocchio now (except older). It then flashes to Red trying to help everyone in Storybrooke by directing them where to go and Gepetto is posting up signs asking for any info on Pinocchio. David goes and sees Regina asking her for help in trying to get the hat work, when she tries to tell him no David reminds her that the only reason that she is alive is because of  Henry. Regina tells him that he should focus on trying to take care of Henry instead of trying to get his other loved ones back. Regina also tells him that right now she doesn't have magic but when she does she will get her son back.

Meanwhile David goes to the town square where essentially everyone is "freaking out" (all Whale cares about though is if the nuns are really nuns now or can they date). The dwarf's come to town square and bring Sneezy along who has apparently had his memory erased (again) by going out of Storybrooke. Of course this further freaks people out and everyone starts talking at once, David stops them and announces that they will come back here in 2 hrs to discuss his plan to fix everything (only problem is, he doesn't have a plan yet).

At Regina's she is trying to figure out her magic, she lights a candle but it doesn't stay lit and she leaves the house in a huff but encounters Archie. He wants to talk with her and help her out but of course she refuses. Regina goes to Gold's place and starts going through different things, Gold appears and Regina tells him that she needs the book which apparently belonged to her mother. Gold tells her to leave....please and Regina says that his please's have lost the punch. She then tells him that telling everyone that the enchanted forest still exsist will make everyone come after him and Gold gives her the book. Gold says that now that she has the book and the way that she is acting, she looks just like her mother and Regina leaves without saying anything.

David is talking to himself in the mirror, trying to come up with something to say but he is stuck. Henry tells him to keep trying but David can't figure out what to say, he goes over to his bag and takes out the magic hat which Henry recognizes. Henry tells him about it being the Mad Hatter's Hat and David knows of the Mad Hatter but they both don't know who he is. David starts to leave and heads to Gold's shop. David wants to buy something to find someone and Gold asks if he has something of the person he is trying to find and David says yes but won't show him, Gold gives him a potion that will help him find the person but in return he wants peace from Charming. David agrees only if Gold does the same (he agrees), Gold asks what happens when you cross the border and he tells him that you lose your memory which pisses off Gold.

Regina is staring at the book and then opens it to a page that has a tree, she blows on the page and it stats to lift and she breaths it in. Regina now has some power.

Meanwhile David pours the potion on the hat and the hat leads him to Jefferson who is stuck inside of a car. David saves him from the car and tells him that they need to talk. At the town hall Red and Henry are trying to get ahold of David but he is not picking up. Regina shows up and clearly has power and uses it on anyone that tries to go for her. Red asks her what she wants and Henry speaks up and says that she wants him, he agrees to go with her if she leaves everyone alone. Regina than takes him with her and leaves the town hall.

David sits down with Jefferson and asks him if he knows how to bring them back but Jefferson doesn't know how to get them back. He also informs David that the enchanted forest does still exsist but he doesn't know how to get there without his hat. Jefferson runs off and David goes to chase him but before he can catch him, Red stops him and tells David that Regina has Henry and that he needs to go and do something.

Regina gets home with Henry, tries to talk to him but he immediately runs up the stairs, into his room and tries to escape but his caught by the branches of the tree thanks to Regina (mom of the year I tell ya!) Henry asks how long he is in prison but she tries to tell him that she loves him and that he isn't a prisoner. Henry starts naming off all the things that Regina has done but she tells him that he can live in a house with magic and she can teach him. She tells him that he can have whomever he wants come over to the house but Henry tells her that they won't come over because of her and that he doesn't want to be Regina.

David goes to the border of Storybrooke where everyone is trying to leave but he stops them and tells them that they can't cross the border because they will lose everyone they love including themselves. He understands that they want to leave because of the bad memories and he recounts the memories he had as David, David reminds him of who he lost and who he wants to be. He is both Charming and David just like everyone else in town, stay here and every choice is open to you. He tells them that everything is opened for them and that he will protect them and that Regina will not be able to hurt them as long as they all come together as they did before and as they shall do again. The towns people all start to go back into Storybrooke after David's speech.

Fairy Tale Land(before curse)-- Regina is riding her horse trying to run away from her mother who is trying to catch her with the branches of the trees. Regina tells her mother that she doesn't want to marry the king, doesn't want power and wants to be free. Cora responds that power is freedom and wants to show her.

Later, in a dream, Regina is brushing Snow's hair and Snow opens up a jewlery box, takes out the ring that Daniel gave Regina and asks Regina about it. Regina tells her that Daniel was killed because of a scret that you told my mother and in the dream she kills Snow. Going back to reality Regina tells young snow that she doesn't remember where she got the ring from. Later Regina is talking with her father and telling him that she doesn't want to be her mother and asks her father where she got her evil powers from. Her father tells her that someone else brought Cora her powers but he doesn't know who it was.

In the castle, Regina goes to her Cora's room and steals the book that is under her pillow. She calls upon Rumple, who appears and she tells him that she doesn't know what she is doing (which is clear). Rumple says that he knows her from long ago, he knew this day would come and he has been waiting for it and she is back where she belongs....together. Rumple starts telling Regina that he knows everything about her, that he held her in his arms and that there is a lot of history between them. Regina asks if he will help her and Gold starts saying, "the death of a friend? family?" but Regina tells him that she doesn't want to hurt anyone, Gold touches her face and realizes that she is powerful. Gold gives her a present which is a portal between lands which will cause her not to see Cora ever again.

Regina is in her wedding dress when Cora comes in and asks what the gift she got was (Cora takes off the wrapping paper and reveals the mirror). Cora than tells Regina that the King will not live long and that Regina needs to put together everything to hold the heart of her people in her hands. Regina tells Cora that she does not want to be her and tries to go after Cora but she stops her and says that he won't be easy to get rid of her...and at that moment Rumple appears in the glass and basically tells Regina what to do (push cora into the mirror) which she does and Cora disappears.

Final Minutes Of The Episode-- Winding down the episode we begin in Fairy Tale Land before the curse where Regina is leaving but his stopped in the forest by Rumple. She gives him the book that belonged to Cora. Before she goes Rumple asks her how did it feel to use magic and Regina tries to not answer the question but she tells him that she loved it. Rumple says that she discovered who she is and that he can show her how but Regina asks what he will get out of it (someday you will do something for me). Before accepting the book back she asks Rumple if she will turn out like her. Rumple says that is entirely up to you.

In Storybrooke, David barges into Regina's house demanding to see Henry. He has a sword with him but tells him that it isn't necessary, she calls Henry down and tells him that he will go home with David. She tells him that she doesn't know how to love very well but she remembers that if you hold onto someone to hard it doesn't make them love her, she apologizes for lying to him and says that she wants him to be here if he wants to be here and not because of magic. She says that she wants to redeem herself and tells him to go get his things. David then says to prove it, answer one question, does the land still exsist. Regina goes up to David and tells him yes but doesn't know how to get back there. She tells him to make sure that he takes care of her son and that she realizes that she just sent David on a heroic quest. David and Henry leave.

Meanwhile all of Storybrooke starts re-building and opening the shops. The dwarfs decide to go into the woods and try to find fairy dust. Henry and David go into Granny's diner where Gepetto is and Henry whispers in his ear. Gephetto goes to Granny's bed and breakfast to the room that August would be in and finds his sons hat but August is gone. Meanwhile at Regina's house she locks up Cora's book. At the diner David and Henry are talking and he tells him that the forest exsist and David knows that they are there because he can feel it.

In Fairytale Land present Mary and Emma are being taken to Mulan and Aurora's home on an island. It's a refuge camp but Mulan says that they are survivors. Mary Margaret tries to fight them to let Emma run but is knocked out and both of them are brought to the pit where Cora appears and asks if they need help. She tells Emma that she is a friend!

Thoughts-- Really enojoyed tonight's episode which really isn't a shock because I have honestly enjoyed every single episode of this particular show. I loved the sense of loss in the episode, I mean how would you feel if you woke up and everything that you knew was different. I loved the way that David essentially became Charming and put both of those people together and got up and is going to defend Storybrooke against evil. It is nice to see the people come together and agree to live and continue on. It was a nice episode and I am really looking forward to next weeks episode where we get to meet more characters (including Lancelot). I am also really really really looking forward to meeting Captain Hook, I mean hello the man is gorgeous!!! Plus I love anything NeverLand and hope that we get to check out that particular land. What did you think of tonight's episode? Anything that you want to see?