Once Upon A Time: Lady Of The Lake (Live Review)

Previously On--Last week on Once Upon A Time we were able to see the beginning of the backstory of Rumble and Regina (he basically told her to do magic). We also got a glimpse of a sweet Regina who didn't want to be like her mother and wanted to use her magic more for good. She also sent her mother away thanks to help from Rumple and a magic mirror. In  Storybrooke Regina went to Mr. Gold and asked for her mother's magic book so she can get her powers back and also get Henry back as well. He gives her the book (after some coaxing) and she gets some evil powers back, uses it on the residents and gets Henry back...for a little while at least until he tells her that he doesn't want to be like her at all and is only staying to protect everyone else. Regina has a change of heart in Storybrooke and decides to give Henry to David/Charming. We also find out that when the residents leave Storybrooke, they apparently lose their memories again and revert back to the people they were in Storybrooke forgetting everything about Fairy Tale Land again. In current Fairy Tale Land, Emma and Mary Margaret are taken to the camp as prisoners, Mary Margaret pulls a Snow White fighting move but it backfires and they are put into a jail cell type area where Cora, Regina's mom, appears and says that she can help them.

Tonight's Episode--

Storybrooke-- David and Henry are talking and he tells him that he can't help this time because what he is going to do involves magic and he wants him to be safe. He needs to find a way for the hat to work and sends Henry off to school but of course Henry doesn't go to school, he runs off.

Jefferson is sitting at the docks looking at photo that apparently his daughter drew that says "have you seen my dad" Henry finds him and asks him for his help but Jefferson doesn't want to help at all. He mentions Regina's vault to Henry but doesn't offer any information on where it is. Henry asks why he won't go and see his daughter and he tells her it is because he left her. Henry tells him that he has been left before and that he needs to go and see her because no knowing is the worst. Meanwhile at Regina's office she gets a call from Henry inviting her to lunch so she heads to Granny's to meet him. Than Henry comes out of a secret passage and starts searching around the office for the vault that Jefferson mentions.

Henry apparently has figured out where the vault is and is at the tomb where Regina's father is "buried". Henry being the smart kid he is figures out that you need to move the casket to get downstairs into the vault. He enters the vault and walks around looking at everything, he goes to locked box, gets it opened and the two headed snakes that killed Snow's father appear but thankfully David shows up and closes the box. Regina called David and figured out the whole thing and knew where to find him but sent David instead. David tells him that he can help him out in finding out how to get the women back.

Jefferson is waiting for the kids to get off the bus and he sees his daugher, he calls her name and she comes running for him and hugs him. She knew that he would find her. Meanwhile Henry is watching from Emma's car and David knocks on the window and tells him that he picked up some wooden swords and that since he is the grandson of a prince he needs to learn. They both than play with the swords while the "King" watches from afar.

Thoughts--Tonight's episode was filled with so many great moments. Loved seeing Snow meet Charming's mother and her giving her life so her child could be happy, the moment between Snow and Emma was so sweet and loved the ending with Jefferson and his daughter Grace. Had some really sweet moments mixed with more questions (Will Cora make it to Storybrooke? How will Emma and Snow make back home?) Now I am most excited about next weeks episode, anyone that knows me knows that I love anything with Peter Pan (what can I say I never really wanted to grow up) and I am so looking forward to Captain Hook. Next weeks looks like an episode not to be missed! We get the Hook storyline along with why him and Rumple are at enemies. Also happy to say that Colin O Donahue (Captain Hook) has already been upgraded to series regular so we will be getting more and more Captain Hook....and yes I will be shallow and say he is gorgeous! Love that man!

Fairy Tale Land (Present)-- Cora is looking at a passed out Snow and Emma asks if she is going to be ok and Cora tells her that she will. Cora tells her that she is here because of the curse her daughter cast but assures Emma that she is ok and that the apple fell far from the tree. Before Emma and Cora could talk some more, Snow wakes up and warns her that Cora is worse than Regina. Emma tells Snow that maybe they should listen to her because she wants to get back to Henry but Snow won't hear any of it. Than someone sends down a rope for Snow and Emma because the leader wants to talk with them. Snow and Emma are led to the camp and Lancelot comes out and they hug each other. He tells them that had he known it was them he wouldn't have made them prisoners. Aurora and Mulan are talking to each other and Aurora doesn't understand how Lancelot can be so kind to them but Mulan says that if he trusts them than they must be ok and tells Aurora that she must not seek revenge and Mulan leaves. Aurora stares at Emma and Snow and pulls out a dagger...yeah she is kind of a bitch.

Later Lancelot serves Emma and Snow some food and Snow asks about why the land is still here. He tells her that he doesn't know why they are still here but there are still evils around, he also tells her that leaving is unwise and ogres are back. The reason that they are on the island is because it is safe and that there are no portols here but Snow remembers that there may be one but doesn't want to voice where because of Cora (aparently she has lost her powers). Snow asks him to let them leave and he agrees only if they bring Mulan along with them and they agree. Meanwhile Emma and Snow start getting supplies together and Mulan warns Emma about the dangers of the ogres. Snow than tells her, when they are alone, that she thinks the wardrobe is the portal and that they need to find it to go home.

Snow is attacked by Aurora at night but Mulan pulls her off and says that she will deal with her but before anything else can be done Emma fires her gun in the air causing the ogres to wake up and find them. They all start to run away but Emma trips and encounters the giant ogre, she tries to shoot him but of course being a giant magical creature he just took the gun and threw it.

Snow shows up and yells "back away from my daughter" and shoots an arrow at his eye killing him, she tells Emma that you gotta shoot them in the eye. Emma is shocked by her arrow skills. Emma and Snow are walking through the woods and they make it to the beach/lake area to where they can see the castle.

They go into the castle and go into Emma's baby room. Emma recognizes it from Henry's book and than goes to stare out the window. Snow starts looking at everything and tells her that she never thought she would see the room again but she never even got to spend one night in it. She tells Emma that she was going to teach her how to talk, walk and dress for her first ball but they never go to be a family. Emma tells her we have a family in Storybrooke and than asks how we get the wardrobe to work. Snow opens up the wardrobe and says that they are going to have to bring it back to the island and Emma asks how they are going to do that and Lancelot shows up to help them. Lancelot seems overly into the wardrobe and Snow knows this, grabs a sword and points it to him and demands to know who it is...it is revealed that Lancelot is actually Cora and that she killed him long ago and has been posing as him this whole time.

Cora uses magic on both Snow and Emma and she tells Snow that she wants to see her daughter because it has been to long and would love to meet her grandson. Emma starts a fire but Cora uses it to put the wardrobe on fire. Mulan comes in and saves them and Cora leaves. Mulan feels stupid about not realzing that Cora is around and says that Snow will be the one to help them. Emma apologizes for letting Cora torch the portal but Snow tells her that you wanted to do it for Henry. Emma than tells her that she saw that Snow has really gave up everything for her and starts crying, saying that she isn't used to someone putting me first. They both hug as mother and daughter. Emma then leaves the room and Snow bends down to get her bow/arrow, looks at the room and sees it the way she had it back when Emma was born and than cries seeing what has become of it. Cora than appears, after Snow left, and puts the ashes of the wardrobe in a bottle and it starts to glow.

Fairy Tale Land (Past)-- Charming, Snow and Red (and a few other people) are planning an attack to win back their kingdom. Red tells them that the King's men are on their way and are wanting to fight, when Charming asks how far are they an arrow lands in the tent and they begin to fight. Charming tells Snow to run away to the cabin where they got engaged and his mother will be there, she starts running but Lancelot knocks her down. Apparently he is no longer in the round table.

Lancelot delivers Snow to the King and he starts telling her the story of pain, about losing his real son and trying to replace him with Charming but he never wanted it. He tells her the story about his wife who was cursed by drinking a poison that made her unable to have children and children are everything, at this moment Snow is drinking what she thinks is water but turns out that King is poisoning her because Charming deserves to feel his pain and that she will not be able to bear children.

Snow is than thrown in the woods after drinking the poison when Lancelot shows up on her horse but is knocked off of it by Snow. He tells her that he wants to help her because of what the King did to her. He tells her that the King is at the cabin where Charming will be meeting Snow (and where his mom is). We than see Charming arriving and realzing that something is up and the King's knights show up, cue fighting scene (and yes he killed all of them) but his mother had been shot by an arrow. Snow shows up as Charming's mother is dying and the mother smiles at Snow.

Lancelot, Snow and Charming are around Charming's mother and Lancelot tells them that the arrow that entered his others chest is poisoned but they come up with a way to save her. They put her in a wagon and head to get help, the mother talks to Snow and says Thank you for being there for her son and making him happy. She tells her that Charming has always wanted a wife and child, she gives her a necklace that her mother gave her that will determine the sex of the child. His mom asks if they should try it out and at first Snow says no but give in, the mother tries it on Snow but it doesn't move. Snow starts to get tears in her eyes and his mom asks what is wrong, she tells her what happend with the King about how he cursed her to not be able to bear children. She tells her that if the water from the lake can help her than it can help Snow as well. They make it to the lake but the lake has mysteriously disappeared.

Charming and Lancelot are searching the area and Lancelot finds a shell that has a little bit of water in it, enough to help his mother. Charming's mother tells her that she needs to drink it because it will allow her to have children. Snow doesn't want to drink the water but she insists that parents will do anything for their kids and that she must drink the water. Charming shows up and tells his mother to drink the water, she drinks it and tells Snow that hopefully they will find another way. The mother starts dying and Charming is determined to find more water, she stops him and tells him that there is no more magic here and doesn't want to spend her last minutes looking for something that isn't there. She tells him that her only regret is that she won't be able to see Charming and Snow get married but Snow comes up with the idea to have Lancelot marry them and he agrees to marry them in front of Charming's mother. Yeah it was a pretty sweet moment given the sad circumstances. After the mother sees them kiss she slowly drifts off and they put flowers on her and say good-bye.

Snow tells Charming that she is sorry about his mom because that is his family but he tells her that she is his new family. He than takes out the necklace that will determine the child's gender but before she can tell Charming about the poision the necklace starts moving "telling" Snow that she will be having a child. Charming leaves and Snow goes up to Lancelot and tells him that he helped Charming's mom by putting the water in the chalice she drank from during the wedding and that his mom pretended to drink the water. He doesn't take credit for it but asks what the child will be...Snow smiles and says a daughter.

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