Olympic Feats of Tech for Women Bloggers

5 years ago

Mashable just ran a story by Matt Petronzio called The Olympics of Tech: 6 Feats of Digital Fortitude. It was a clever tie-in to the Olympics, but the feats of tech were insufferably blah: phone calls from mountain tops, days-long Skpye calls, hackathons. I realized that what we need are Olympic feats of tech for women bloggers.

SF BlogHer Meetup by rickbucinch via Flickr

Our first Olympian shall be known as Deanna Lou. Last Monday, the toilet overflowed, the cat upchucked in the hallway so toddler Matt tracked kitty barf all over the carpet, and five-year old Lulu illustrated her bedroom wall with crayons. Yet Deanna Lou managed to get a blog post written and published. An Olympian feat accomplished across the country by mothers who blog nearly every day.

Here's Janie. She's traveling today with nothing but a smart phone to see her through. While waiting for a plane, and without the benefit of a good wifi connection, she manages to answer 3 emails, tweet the URL to her latest blog post (which she scheduled in advance), talk to her children as they arrived home from school, and review the food at the airport Chinese joint on Yelp. She's a do-it-fast-even-without-wifi mover of Olympic proportions.

Sue vowed to take a photo every day with her iPad and post it on her blog. Today it's raining. Sue wraps her iPad in a plastic bag, grabs a big umbrella, stuffs her phone in her pocket, and heads out. She's already photographed everything close to her house, so she walks an extra mile or so to find a park. In the park, the sprinklers are running in the rain, the sun is peeking through a hole in the clouds, and Sue snaps a brilliantly lit shot while holding her umbrella, plastic bag, iPad, and the sack of litter she picks up each day while she walks. A perfect 10.

Gemma is a programmer. Each day after work she stops at a senior residential care facility to check on her mom. She carries her small notebook computer. Today she gets an alert on Yammer that there's a problem with a program she uploaded for her colleagues to review earlier today. She whips out the computer, corrects the error, uploads it again, and lets her co-workers on Yammer know all is well. While she's doing that she carries on a coherent coversation with her mom about the lack of salt in the scrambled eggs at the facility. Since she has the computer out, she emails her teenaged daughter's school with a question she was supposed to ask yesterday about driver's ed. Might as well mention the programming glitch on her blog while she's at it, so anyone who downloaded her code earlier can update. Every day is an Olympic marathon for Gemma, and every day she completes it.

Okay. I made up all those women. But you know them, don't you? Those women are you.

Real Women of Olympic Valor

I'll leave you with two real bloggers. They are Olympians in every way, not just because they manage to keep blogging in spite of everything.

Glenda Watson Hyatt, the left-thumb blogger from Do It Myself Blog, wanted to climb the steps of the Philadelphia Public Library like Rocky, in spite of her cerebral palsy. Magic Happens When you Dare to Voice a Crazy Idea tells of her Olympic feat.

Erin Kotecke Vest, from the Queen of Spain Blog, fights against Lupus every day yet managed, one day last week, to walk the runway in the BlogHer fashion show. Her story is In New York There's Nothing You Can't Do.

Women deserve the gold for many things they do every day; among those feats is blogging while life does its best to slow you down or defeat you. Woman, you're a winner!

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech
Virginia blogs at Web Teacher and First 50 Words.

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