Oh Sookie! Just a Few Dreadful Hours of Daylight Until New True Blood Season Starts

5 years ago

If you are like me, your fangs are out and you are hungry for Sunday's premiere of the 5th season of HBO's True Blood. Just two more sleeps--or in the case of some of our Bon Temps friends, two more long days waiting silently below the cold dirt. 

Show creator Alan Ball is promising fans a wild ride in Season 5. It's been almost a year since Season 4 last aired. I like watching True Blood in summer. The Southern Gothic opener, Louisiana setting and general heat of the show seem to suit sweltering summer nights.  

Here's the season premiere tease:

Do you remember where we left off? It was the season of the witch, with necromancer Antonia working with Marnie's body to try to destroy the vamps. Love triangles kept the screen steamy: remember when Jason brought Jessica the "monster box" of her stuff from Hoyt after their breakup, only to end rocking back of his pickup with Jessica (as you do?) And I would ask if you remember how the Sookie-Eric-Bill triangle heated up but I KNOW you remember the wild threeway dream sequence

And some super jawdroppers were thrown out during the last shows and the cliffhanger. The ghost of Rene warned us the Arlene was in danger! Debbie and Alcide aren't going to make it...which paves the way for very important shirtless scenes between him and Sookie in the future. Most exciting to me is that Russell Edgington is back. (I still think his "We are nothing like you!" monologue on the set of the TV news show in Season 3, Episode 9 was one of the best on television, ever.)

Was Tara shot?!?!

Dang, I love this show.

Buzz is that we'll get more Russell (and he gets a new boy toy!), more Pam and more Alcide this season, so that makes me very happy. I personally don't need as much Sam or Jessica as last season gave us, so I hope their strong storylines recede like fangs after a feeding, but I've read that Sam has lots of screen time this season as well.

Mostly, though, I trust Alan Ball to bring me hours of stunning, witty, sexy fun based on Charlaine Harris' motley mess of passionate, DNA-diverse characters. True Blood hasn't disappointed yet.

Are you ready for True Blood to do bad things to you? What are you anxiously awaiting?

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