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5 years ago
It is on the rarest of rare occasions that I will actually show any level of intelligence on my pretty little blog. So, try not to be barrelled over by my political prowess and charming sense of narcissistic fortitude.
So here we are again. A new crop of freedom seekers upholding their constitutional right for freedom of speech and begging the capitalistic curmudgeon's to pay closer attention to the 99%. But what is the message really?
Social and Economic Inequality, Corporate Greed and the influence of corporate money and lobbyist in Government. OK...but wait. This isn't news people. When our fine newly elected President rushed to pass a $700 Billion dollar stimulus package WE were saying then that it wasn't going to work. That this was going to push the country further into debt, and that we were going to be worse off for it. WE didn't want the Government involved with bailing out The Big Auto. I didn't see anyone offering a bailout to the small mom and pop shops who couldn't compete with the Home Depots, Hannafords, Wal-Marts or Targets of the country. They got slaughtered and nobody even batted an eye. So why is it that if the American people choose to buy cars that are not from the Big Three who can't produce, we all now have to pluck money out of an already streatched budget to support that? How's that for sucky Economic Inequality?
And when the Libral Leftist and Radical Right Wingers of the news media started reporting that these CEO's and Brokers were raking in massive commissions due to the stimulus package being approved what did anyone do? NOTHING! Its kind of like the average person who finds a wallet on the side walk with $5 Million dollars. Do you return it? Or Keep it? I know we all like to think that our Morales are in tip top shape and we would do the right thing. But, what about that person who has reached the end of their knarley frayed rope?
The fact that we cannot trace where every single penny of that money went is just a tradgedy within the tradgedy. You wanted to be saved and you thought this man was going to save you? You must know by now that nobody can save you but yourself. And who the hell said it was going to be easy? It took me 20 years to haul my ass out of debt. 20 YEARS!!!! 
What are you saying to me about Social Inequality? Cause you're broke? I was broke once and I can attest it sucks. But what do you do? 
I say, eliminate all colleges and universities leaving Harvard and Yale so we can ALL graduate from the best school. In fact, why even have admissions. Oh, and if you are the first three thousand people its free! Oh, forget it, its free for everyone! And everyone graduates Validictorian. Now that I've flooded the world with highly educated skinny healthy people I guarantee that you're all going to make at least $85,000 a year with zero work experience. Do you think that sounds rediculous?
I hear that all the time from people who just graduated college. I have to make $X to cover my student loans. Hey MILLINIALS I got news for you! For the 99% of you out there trying to make ends meet get use to those Ramen Noodles. What are you looking for? You want jobs? I've had 8 open head count in my organization for 2 months. I don't see any of you knocking down the door because your destitute thats for sure.
What I do see is your unwillingness to do what ever it takes because God forbid you actually lower your standards to gain some experience and a paycheck at the same time to help cover the cost of the English Degree that you will most likely never use. You would rather stand on a street corner than go knocking door to door with your resume looking for a job. But its not my fault! So get your hands out of my pocket because you're to lazy to do what your parents and grandparents have done.
And don't talk to me about your pride and your inability to do something sub-par when there are people I know working three jobs just to make ends meet. Where the strain on their family, marriage, life is greater than yours. You don't know what its like to fight, to bleed to work for it. Because somewhere along the line and down the road of glory "someone" has always been carrying you. With all your education and intelligence I must inform you that you're kinda clueless.
And if you can't find the "dream job"? Well for the love of everything that is sacred go open your own business. Be the little fish in the big pond. Take a chance. But I digress. There are thousands of articles and books on this one subject. Don't blame me I just read them.
Do the lobbyiest and corporate America plump up the pipeline to serve their own personal agenda? Why yes in deed they do. And if you want to be disgusted about the corruption that takes place in our government every single day then by all means stand up and shout! Every elected official is in office because we voted them in. If you don't like what is happening, vote them out. It is our duty as citizens to vote. If you don't vote, don't bitch.
And if it is corporate influence on our government then what does that say about the people running it? We've been duped again my friends. When we go digging for change to pay the toll and don't have enough we get a ticket. Nobody pats us gently on the shoulder if your debit card is declined at the grocery store and you have to pluck items out. When the well is dry we have to wait for payday and hope to Christ that nothing major happens. Government continues to spend and further drive this country into never neverland.
While we are talking about Social Inequality let me close with this. Movie stars assume much more power in their shallow little heads. "You" do not form my opinions. I'm perfectly capable of doing that on my own. The fact that the media allows Michael Moore Fat HEAD to speak to the masses only inflates his already over inflated ego. The misuse of technology to manipulate the masses to push specific agenda's is disgusting and terrifying. Pikeism..
I'll take the red pill please NEO.
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