Obamacare: The Dirty Word

5 years ago

In just a four minute, 14 second-response, Presidential hopeful Gov. Mitt Romney used the word "Obamacare" 18 times - 19 if you count his podium sign: "Repeal & Replace Obamacare."

Most notably about the word useage, he made sure not to say it when discussing his own ideas for reform which includes the popular pre-existing condition coverage.

The one phrase Romney didn't use was "individual mandate," a curious ommission given its deeply disliked qualities. However, he did use language that Americans can easily see as being counter to the individual mandate - freedom to choose one's own healthcare coverage, or not.


June 12, 2012 - Orlando, Florida, U.S. - GOP presidential contender MITT ROMNEY delivers remarks during a town hall meeting at Con-Air Industries, an air filtration business in front of a sign that reads 'Repeal Replace Obamacare'. (Credit Image: © Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/MCT/ZUMAPRESS.com)"


Over at Mitt Romney Central, the team used the dirty word again - both written and in photos - to post up Romney's morning prepared speech transcript and video.


While the overall liberal reaction's going to remain jubilant, Romney's remarks tells me that his inside team strategists reads some very good tea leaves - or polling.

Just a couple days ago, a new NBC News/ WallStreet Journal poll reported that 37 percent of Americans said they will be pleased if the Supreme Court overturns the law, 22 percent said they will be disappointed, while about a third said they would have "mixed feelings."

What I wrote months ago about Obamacare's individual mandate when the issue resurfaced hasn't changed. It's not that Americans don't want a better, more affordable solution, but they just despise the government intrusion components.

It's most puzzling that Obama would revisit the unpopular issue, seen even by his side of the ailse as a hill they don't want to die on like so many comrades back in 2010.

Romney would be wise to ride this wedge issue til the wheels fall off.

Let the dirty word fly.

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