The Obama Obsession: After The Election

4 years ago

One thing America can take into account about the GOP when they're called into accountability for their funky behaviour toward the President Of The United States, is their staunch insistence of "I'm not a racist!"

How many times has Donald Trump, Bill O'Reilly or Ann Coulter issued that utterance when making the talk circuit rounds to either make another book sale or talk dirty about the election? There were certain considerations the people of America had to consider when assessing who's better for the country and why. Obviously, Barack Obama won the election with a landslide because people were listening.

To his credit, Mitt Romney just might be a great businesss man. But, a people person he is not. Considering that he ran on his affinity for the "good ole boys" way of doing things and not on the "diversity" that is America, Mr. Romney, Paul Ryan and his team were, in my opinion, running a race based upon fairytales and the boys in a bubble concept. America's reality is no longer the white male majority that once ruled.

Isn't that a blesssing? To no longer have a country ruled by white men who believe that they're the only voices that should be heard. Still, with the reelection of the president, comes ugly smatterings of divide from the Right. Paul Ryan saying he won't agree to taxing the rich. John MCcain belittling the president on his stance in regards to U.N.Ambassador Rice,General Patraeus and the continued smear tactics in how the president is handling the Benghazi attacks in Libya. Add to this list, such outspoken voices against the president like: Bill O'Reilly, Dennis Miller, Greta Van Sustern, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

One member of the Republican Party went as far as to say "This Presidency has been incompetent or engaged in a coverup." The angry and bitter obsession these folks have toward President Obama stems from a strong "dislike" of his being President. "How dare a man of color be the most powerful man in America?" Donald Trump have always thought of himself as the most powerful and entitled...Move over Donald, there's a new sheriff in town!

Romney didn't bother to write a concession speech, because he knew he would win. Now that he's lost, he explains it this way,"Obama gave big gifts." No, Mr. Romney, Obama gave the American people realism. The GOP might want to take notes in regards to the next election. We, the people, inclusive of black, white, hispanic, asian, women, men, young, old, are very intuned to how and what's coming out of your mouths.

You might want to pass this message on to your party: We're watching and taking notes... 

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