The Oath of Non-Douchebaggery: Three Bloggers Who Are Telling Us How to Fix Government and the Media

7 years ago
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Oh, what a better world it would be if we could get the reform these bloggers propose actually into Washington -- or change the way mainstream media tackles news stories.

Disaffected Scanner Jockey proposes getting politicians to sign a brilliant pledge which begins: "I solemnly swear to remember that G-d (or evolution, if that's your bag) gave us all two ears and one mouth for a reason. We are supposed to listen twice as much as we talk" -- and it only gets better from there. My favourite proposal she has, which will help all of us grow-the-hell-up, is this one: "I will assume that everyone is just doing their best and their disagreement with my principles is not malicious in intent. In fact, their ideals and views are probably just as heartfelt as my own." Go jump into her comments section, read the additional proposals, and add your own.

Honest (Mostly) Conversations About Life, Real and Surreal gives a sound starting point for having political discussions:

In order to do this, we should probably agree on a few foundational points from which we can start our discussion. Foundational agreement allows for actual conversation as opposed to what I call "screaming bansheeism," or the high-pitched noise made by people feigning a discussion who don’t agree on terms, beliefs, or the color of the sky. Neither one can hear the other for all the wailing and keening.

By speaking clearly, precisely, and calmly, she sets the tone for people to actually hear and learn rather than engage in "screaming bansheeism." Now if only we could get politicians and pundits to follow the ideas proposed on her list.

Lastly, after you're done snickering at Iowahawk's opening about protecting Americans from mainstream media, "It is a largely thankless task -- often requiring a cast iron stomach -- but if our work has prevented one more American child from falling victim to a criminally insane anchorman or newspaper reporter, it will all have been worth it," settle into this tongue-in-cheek piece about journalists and the

Global crime wave caused by rampaging journalists. Our in-depth biennial 30 minute Google search uncovered a seemingly endless catalog of journalist-related crimes, astonishing as much for their depravity as their number. The reasons behind this phenomenon are complex, according to Media Violence Project staff psychologist Divad Egrub.

"Journalism school leaves these people ill-prepared for life in conventional society," explains Egrub. "They see typical American people expressing normal opinions, and it causes confusion. In time, they become boiling cauldrons of paranoia and rage. This triggers a 'fight or flight' reaction, and sometimes they simply lash out."

Though after you're done laughing, Iowahawk will have you gulping, especially as the very-real crime list grows.

What great things have you read on the Web lately proposing sound change?

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