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     Noveling.  The non-word describes my ongoing endeavour to hone something meaningful out of my convoluted mind and channel it via the English language.

     Somewhere around 21 months ago, an ominous number with significance in another way, I wrote a moderate-length story titled Twined (with a carat inserted second n), one hundred and fifty or so pages in small cursive.    

     When the other onerous 21 ended its run, I brought the story home, one of nine in all, and one of six intended for future noveling.  Transference from paper to digital initiated a three-month preparation process and constituted my prepped canvas.

     In June 2011, the edit process began.  Hard edits, long edits, ten-week edits.  Fifty-four chapters over forty-eight files collected around 102,000 words.  Edit 1 didn’t earn the title, so my edit 7 now actually stands skewed by one.  I just pretend it never happened.  For seventy hours each week, I tightened sentences, removed undesired words, checked consistency, added flavour to story and characters, rewrote a chapter or two, and aligned the tense to past present.

     Along the way, I posted a couple of story snippets on my blog, tease posts for fun.  It offered a nice treat, to see the writing outside of Word.

     Edit 8 lurks ahead, one pre-packaged with a month-long pause for perspective.  It might well be a ‘can you believe the damn thing is almost done’ perusal.  I need the self-pinch reality check time alone provides. 

     Story completion ends phase one of construction.  Reformatting into American English looms, since I write in the British one.  Beyond language, I’ll align the structure into agent and publisher review format.  

     The story needs a read by a few friends who will brave my writing and volunteer honest assessments, catch errors, and generally scrutinise with an eye to my betterment.


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