The NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Weekend and Beyond

7 years ago

On Friday I went public. I made my picks for the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs. In fact, I vlogged my picks. I picked Green Bay, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Cincinnati. If you watched any of the games (or even looked at the scores this morning) you know that I was 1 for 4.

That isn't very good. If I were a betting woman I would be a very poor betting woman. If I were a betting woman there would be loan sharks after me.

Fortunately I didn't have money on any of these games so the only thing that hurts is my pride.

Of course that won't stop me from picking next weekend's games, but we will get to those at the end of this post.

First let's talk about the games.

The first game on Saturday was The New York Jets at Cincinnati. In the first quarter the Bengals were up 7 - 0 and then they never saw the lead again. The final score was 24 - 14 but it wasn't really that close. The Jets are on fire.

The Dallas/Philadelphia game was even less interesting. The first quarter was scoreless, then in the second Dallas scored 27 points. The played the whole second half, but really by halftime the game was over. The Cowboys advance.

The early game on Sunday had the Baltimore Ravens visiting the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. This is the game where I almost yelled obscenities in a Chinese restaurant when I happened to look up at the television just as Terrell Suggs knocked the crap out of Tom Brady and caused him to fumble.

I am going to make my Patriot fan friends angry by saying that I was rooting for the Ravens. I like Baltimore anyway but I am tired of New England or Pennsylvania teams winning everything. Dynasties are boring. Besides that, they are fascist.


But I think we know why The Patriots lost. It was The Boston Brat's fault.

I can’t help but feel personally responsible for the Patriots 33-14 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens yesterday. I let down the team, the fans, and myself. You see, our game day ritual includes properly setting up our living room. Everything must be in the proper position and this, my friends, is where I failed miserably.

Incapable of understanding how the Patriots could play so poorly through the first quarter, I looked up and noticed I had missed a huge part of our set-up. My “Biggest Fan” figurine was not on the coffee table where it is supposed to be. The Patriots began to play much better once the living room was set to proper Patriots game day feng shui, but the damage had been done. They just couldn’t overcome the insurmountable 24 point lead the Ravens had built up prior to me properly arranging my living room. IT’S ALL MY FAULT!!!!!!!

Now you know.

The last game was insane. The Green Bay Packers went to Arizona to play the Cardinals. At the end of the first quarter the Cards were up 17 - 0 and the Packers looked rough. It didn't look like it was going to be much of a game.

Oh, but it became one. Arizona ended up winning 51 - 45 in overtime off of a fumble recovery for a touchdown. That is over 100 points.

It was insane. It is how football should be and it was a relief after three games that weren't nearly as exciting.

Okay! On to my predictions for the Divisional Round.

For the NFC I have to take the front runners. I can't imagine how Dallas could beat Minnesota and I honestly believe that if New Orleans brings their A game they cannot be defeated.

As for the AFC, I know the Jets are on a roll, but I just don't think they can win in San Diego. I think LaDanian Tomlinson has played all season like a man on a mission. I think the Chargers will advance to the AFC Championship game.

My upset pick is The Baltimore Ravens over the Indianapolis Colts. I know that most of you think I am insane. The Colts losing at home? I say yes. (Sorry Gidge). There has to be an upset somewhere and besides, remember what I said about dynasties?

What are your picks?


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