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NEW YORK - JUNE 24: The new iPhone 4, which went on sale this morning, is displayed at the flagship Apple Store on Fifth Avenue on June 24, 2010 in New York City. People waited outside of stores overnight to be first in line when doors opened at 7 a.m. in New York and at 8 a.m. local time in Germany, Japan, France and the United Kingdom. The iPhone 4 will cost $199 for a 16-gigabyte version and $299 for a version with 32 gigabytes of storage. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The eager early adopters already have that new iPhone4 in hand. If you have an iPhone 3, you can upgrade your 3rd generation iPhone to iOS 4 the next time you hook up to iTunes.

There's plenty of information about both the new iPhone and the upgraded iOS.

The iOS upgrade

I'm waiting for the least expensive time to switch to a new iPhone. So the offer to upgrade to iOS4 on my existing phone sounded good to me. I'd heard that I was going to love it, especially folders.

I wasn't clear about what folders are, but I was prepared to love them. The iPhone Mom had the answer on folders in her article iPhone OS 4.

Folders – I think this might be my favorite new OS feature. You can drag one app onto another and combine them into a folder. Your iPhone will give the folder a name based on the type of apps you’ve combined but you can delete that (look for the little “x” next to the folder’s name when it first appears) and name it whatever you like. You can put a total of twelve apps into a folder and I can’t begin to tell you how much easier it is to navigate through my apps now. I’ve gone from having the maximum number of screens to only four. I found it was easier to create and organize my folders by hooking my phone up to the laptop and dragging and dropping apps in iTunes.

Ahh, so that's it. Yes, I do love folders!

iPhone Mom also explains how to get iBooks, create photo albums, and create iPod playlists in her article about upgrading.

One feature you can't get with an upgraded generation 3 iPhone is FaceTime video. There's no front camera on the older phones. The current single camera does zoom after the update, which is nice.

The new iPhone 4

Early blog reviews of the new iPhone 4 were fairly favorable. Right here on BlogHer, we saw iPhone 4 Review - A Mom's Perspective and The iPhone is Worth Standing in Line for . . . Even if it DOES Break.

At Boing Boing, the thorough Apple iPhone 4: Hands on review even mentions tethering, which kbojar asked me about previously, and turns out to be available on the iPhone 4.

There were thousands of enthusiastic tweets touting the iPhone 4.


I used to always drag my Mac into bed for the Sunday morning newsfeed. But I'm loving it on my iPhone 4 right now. Clean crisp FAST :)Sun Jun 27 14:47:15 via TweetDeckLisa Byrne

Jacqui Cheng noted both the good and the still-not-perfect features of the iPhone 4 in her article Ars reviews iOS4: what's new, notable, and what needs work.

You may recall that Gizmodo is the web site that leaked the information about the prototype iPhone 4 that was left in a bar. I was interested in the way they handled reviewing the actual release of the iPhone 4. They turned it over entirely to comments in The iPhone 4 Review (By You). Nae was one of the reviewers. Her review (along with many others) can be found on YouTube.

Bad news finally caught up with the iPhone 4 release afterglow. Reports appeared that calls were dropped if you held the phone wrong. The problem was quickly dubbed "the death grip." Jennie explains in The iPhone 4 Has an iGlitch.

An iPhenom hits the Web
This week, the new and supposedly improved iPhone 4 hit the market, and the Web. A frenzy of searches followed, along with a flurry of news that the iPhone 4 had a glitch: It was dropping calls. As sour-grapes searches on “5 reasons not to buy iphone” increased an eye-popping 9,475% in one day, lookups on “problems with iphone 4″ and “iphone 4 antenna” were just as popular.

Yes, it appears that the OMG phone has become a GRRR phone as users experienced the all-too-familiar dropped calls that they’ve become accustomed to with their old phones. Apple’s response: You’re holding it wrong.

The problem was most severe among left handed people and involved holding the metal antenna banding the phone in a certain way. That led to some clever tweets.


Thank god I am right-handed so I can go buy the new iPhone today.less than a minute ago via EchofonAimee Giese

Apple promised an immediate fix. Some of many articles explaining the issue are this one from PCWorld, Apple Responds to iPhone 4 Antenna Problem, and Apple Insider's Death Grip hysteria may end Monday with iOS 4.01.

What do you think of the iPhone 4 (or the upgrade on your 3rd generation iPhone)? Do tell.

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