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5 years ago

One of my favorite activities each week is reading the Sunday edition of the New York Times. Though I’ve lived in Southern California for 36 years, I still have quite a bit of New York in me. I never read the Times when I lived there – I was only fourteen when we moved away. But my mother did the crossword puzzle every Sunday, and I have followed her lead. Doing the Sunday puzzle can sometimes be so frustrating it make me want to scream, but I keep at it, and every so often I actually finish one.
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One of the things I really enjoy in the magazine section is The Meh List, which was, until recently, compiled each week by Greg Veis. This list is a little square of wry observation that I look forward to each Sunday. In case you don’t know, the word “meh” means boring, mediocre, just not interesting – over. Some say it is only used on the east coast, but I think, in context, nearly anyone would understand. Sadly, on July 8 Greg Veis’ final Meh List was published. I will miss his wit, but I am sure his replacement Samantha Henig will be just as clever.

Here is what was on Mr. Veis’ last meh list:

1. Mugs with slogans
2. Vodka cran
3. “Having it all”
4. Starting tweets with “You guys!”
5. Office going-away parties
6. Greg Veis
(source: New York Times, Sunday, July 8, 2012)

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Do you see what I mean? And most amusing of all is that the author included himself on the final list.

This got me thinking about what I would include on my personal meh list. There’s so much to choose from…but I will share with you some of my top picks for currently meh things.

1. Couponing
2. John Irving’s latest book
3. “I follow back” on Twitter
6. In and Out Burger
5. Pictures of cats on Facebook
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There, that felt really good. You know, I could do this every week. If the New York Times ever needs a new person to compile The Meh List, they should most definitely call me. Especially because I would never include their Sunday crosswords on any meh list I wrote. Even when I can’t finish it.

Sharon Greenthal

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