New Year's Traditions or Superstitions???

6 years ago


What to Eat, What to Wear & What to Do for Good Luck & Prosperity.

 New Year's Eve traditions and superstitions have been a part of celebrations in all cultures since the beginning of time. Every country and culture has it's own unique routines and charms to influence the incoming year. Each tradition is steeped in the belief we will impart influence on our New Year's Prosperity, Good Health & Love.

Where these traditions started and for what reason is unknown. Though they do seem to come from a place of needing to have an influence or control of things unknown about one's future. Whether this is true or not, hope that we can influence our own New Beginning is empowerment enough for me to keep in tradition and take the reins in this New Year!

What are my choices:

I have my own tradition and it has done well by me for a long time. My late husband and I started a tradition

in 1996. We trudged up to Federal Hill in the dead of December Winter to go to "Venda Ravioli". Venda Ravioli is a lovely Italian Pasta company where they make "Lobster Ravioli".

At the time, we were doing well, we were in the market for a new house, our beautiful Son was doing very well in school and all was well with the World. We wanted to ensure our prosperity would continue. We decided that we knew if our last meal of the year influenced our incoming year "Lobster" was definitely a way to do it! The tradition holds through to today. If there is nothing more that I do, I always eat well. Do I attribute it to my tradition?  I do. I have carried this tradition on into my new relationship and it has never failed me.

 Coming into this article I researched New Years traditions and have found that there are as many traditions as there are cultures in the world. The only classification comes about what day you choose.

 New Years Eve  vs New Years Day

 New Years Eve:

If a single girl wears RED underwear on New Years Eve she will be married in the New Year.

If you have money in your pocket on New Years Eve you will never have an empty pocket in the New Year.

The Spanish have a tradition that if you eat One Grape for each toll of the Midnight hour, you will have prosperity for each month of the New Year.

Some traditions are for letting the energy of the passing year go. If all of the windows in your house are open at midnight the energy of the old year will leave through the open window.

Making Noise visa vie the New Years crankers and noisemakers...Scares away the Evil spirits from coming into the New Year.

Lastly...Someone special. Whether it be your family, Your spouse, a cute guy or gal..Who you spend New Year's Eve with is the person or people you will spend the most time with in the New Year.

Oh, and that kiss at midnight...this is the person you will be most intimate with in the New Year.

 New Year's Day:


Southern American Tradition says, eating Black Eyed Peas and Greens represents Good Health and Good Fortune in the New Year.

Italian Tradition touts eating Lentils on New Years day is Good Luck.

Some other traditions are: Wearing a New Item of clothing encourages New clothing to continue for you in the New Year.

Walking your luggage out of your house and around the block encourages travel in your New Year. Eating Pork on New Years

Day is said to be good because a Pig only eats forward and this will bring influence for you to move forward in the New Year.

A woman should not do housework on New Years Day as this will bring her more housework in the New Year.

 Whatever tradition or Superstition you may feel influences your New Year, you are not alone. Through time and tradition such prominent similarities across cultures have shown that as Human Beings there is a sense of Hope in the New Beginnings of a New Year. There can't be anything wrong with that. Enjoy and find peace in the New Year!

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