New Girl--Neighbors (Review)

Previously On--Last week Nick, thanks to Winston, decided to re-evalutate his friendship with Jess. According to Winston, Nick was the boyfriend without the bedroom benefits and that he needs to stop that. Nick tells Jess this and when she asks if he wanted to the benefits he says no, yuck causing Jess to ask if he ever thought that way because at one time, for 5 minutes, she thought about more of  a relationship with Nick. They argue for a bit and Jess tells Nick that she will form a better relationship with her sex buddy and get to know him seeing as Nick doesn't want to be the "platonic" boyfriend. Later in the episode Nick can't help it and decides to put together the dresser that Jess bought at IKEA and she comes home to tell him that he doesn't have to do that but he says that he does. Also in the episode Shmidt decided to pretend that he was one of Mitt Romney's sons, Tugg Romney, to a bunch of Republican girls. It works for a bit until Schmidt goes to their apartment and the girls do a search for his name but nothing comes up.

Tonight's Episode--The guys come in the house and apparently Nick had a bet that she would be sitting on the couch and wins. Jess tells them that she has been watching a TGIF marathon and has actually been working on things, knocks over something and says "did I do that" in an impression of Urkel and Schmidt asks if she has been working on that this whole time. Jess than goes into other impressions including a Fraiser impression. Schmidt yells no and asks what Jess's plan is but Jess doesn't know what the plan is. Jess says that she loves working at Casserole Shanty (we flash to Jess yelling low on beans, low on beans and than brought a huge pan of beans). Schmidt tells her that his job inspires him but is interrupted by a knock on the door by these 4 young people who tell him that they just moved in and wanted to tell them that they are having a party that may get loud. Schmidt says that they will be there but the group says that it will be a bunch of young people and he closes the door on them. In the house Schmidt starts talking to them about aging and has apparently bought a program about aging. Nick tells them that he feels good about his age and feels that he finally grew into his age, flash to a young Nick reading a comic book on the porch and a frisbee is thrown into the yard. Young Nick gets up and yells at the kids to keep this crap out of his yard and tells the ice cream truck to turn that nonsense down. Schmidt keeps going on about being the youngest in the house (6 months younger than Nick) and he also says that he is the Jewish Peter Pan. Later the group leaves the apartment to go to the new neighbors house when Schmidt asks what that smell is, apparently Nick is wearing Old Spice and Schmidt tells him to take it off. Jess and Schmidt go into the apartment while Winston and Nick go back to their place. Schmidt tries to start a conversation with the young group of neighbors but they ignore him until they see that Jess has food from her food, the casserole shanty, which apparently they love. Jess tells them that she works there and is just trying to figure things out like they are. Schmidt starts talking about his job but they are no impressed. Jess than goes for the popcorn on the table, knocks it over by accident and than says "did I do that" in her Urkel impression which the neighbors love and start cracking up about. They ask where she got that from and Jess says that it just came to her and sits down in the chair and laughs with the rest of them. Schmidt tries to make a joke but again it just annoys the new neighbors.

Later Jess and Schmidt tell Winston and Nick that they missed out on a fun time last night. Jess starts talking about the night and it flashes to the group playing Monopoly (which Schmidt is just watching) and Jess uses another phrase on them when she has to pay $500 ("How Rude!") and the group starts cracking up. Jess than tells Nick that there is a problem and he immediately says, they don't like Schmidt and Jess says they really don't like him at all. He than says that if he had a dollar because someone hated Schmidt he would be a millionaire. Nick says not to worry that he is on it and Winston wants to help prank Schmidt but he tells him that he is terrible with pranks and goes to far. It flashes to young Nick and Winston playing a prank on a teacher and Winston wanting to go way to far. Schmidt then comes out of the room and says that his hip hurts and it turns out that Nick took the sole of out of the shoe causing the left one to be shorter than the other.

Meanwhile Schmidt and Jess are walking over to the neighbors (Schmidt's pants are apparently gotten bigger and he keeps pulling them up close to his chest..yep pranked again) and Jess tells him that they hate him but he doesn't believe her and says that she is crazy. She tells him that watch everytime you say something they will change the subject. The neighbors get off the elevator and when Schmidt talks to them they ignore him and just ask Jess questions. He continues to try to start a conversation with them but they blantly ignore him and than they invite Jess over but one of the guys in the group reluctantly invites him but Schmidt pretends to get a phone call and goes back to the apartment but Jess goes into the neighbors place.

The next day Nick is working hard on a chair as part of a prank and Winston tells him that he has never seen him work so hard to ruin Schmidt's life. Jess comes in and passes out on the couch to sleep. Schmidt also walks out and says that he is constipated (thanks to Nick switching his fiber pills with placebos) Schmidt than goes to sit in the trick chair and turns on the TV, Nick says that the TV is blasting (when it's not) and he is starting to sink into the chair that Nick messed with. Schmidt tries to get help from Jess on teaching the neighbors that he isn't old, Schimdt goes over to the wall where he measures his height and realizes he is shrinking (turns out Nick took a photo of the wall, shrunk it down and silk screen it on the wall). Schmidt goes to sit back down and asks Jess to teach him how to be cool. Meanwhile at Winston's job he goes into a meeting and tells them that he has about 3 years left to live (thanks to Schmidt's age computer program) and wants a raise. Later at the neighbors apartment Schmidt comes in and asks who is ready for an arcade fire. Schmidt than shows them some exercise moves and his knocks over some beer, tries the 'did I do that' phrase but it doesn't go over well. The neighbors start talking to each other and it is clear that they are immature and don't know what they are doing with their lives. Jess admits that their relationship started with a lie and shows them the video of Steve Urkel (where she got her phrase from) Schmidt tries to stop her but she presses the button to show them and the young neighbors haven't a clue who he is.

At the end of the episode Jess and Schmidt go back to the apartment and he is mad that she didn't show him how to be cool. She tells him that he was trying to hard and Jess admits that she lost her job and decided to hang out with them because they didn't judge her. Schmidt tells her that she should try teaching again or maybe start a smiling job. The neighbors come over and says they don't care that she made up the phrase but before she can say anything Nick comes out in a robe and coughing, tells the kids not to trust the government and the kids gets scared and leave. Schmidt stops one of them and they admit that they don't like him because he is an asshead. The next day Winston says that he is a brand new man and now a producer of his own sports talk show from 2:35-5am (primetime for truckers). Jess tells Nick that can you imagine how much they could get done if they put as much time in doing something productive and Nick says and save money. Turns out that Nick has spent somewhere between 1200-1300 bucks on pranks and he was under budget and apparently he got the money from Schmidt. Jess realizes that she needs to get a new job and she tells Nick not to prank her ever, he says sure and than says when she turns her back to him "you'll never see it coming" she turns back around and says that this is just like a horror movie.

She than goes into the bathroom where Schmidt puts in contacts that are blurry (thanks to Nick) and she tells him that she is going on a tutoring job and leaves. He goes and puts on his rob which has a hump in it and realizes that Nick has been pranking him.

Thoughts--Loved tonight's episode and all the pranks that were pulled on Schmidt, which lets be honest deserves all of them. You can't help but love the character of Nick who is only in his 30's but acts like he is in nearing his 70's (cranky old man). Looking forward to the next episode and really looking forward to seeing the Nick/Jess relationship move forward (yes I want them together!)


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