new experience: the warm up is not the work out

5 years ago

Hi folks,

I went running on Tuesday, despite all the sore muscles and it went really well. So technically this post should be called run #1 & work out #2, but since the running is quite boring actually, I'm not writing about it.

I have also decided that I will start to count from the beginning if I miss a work out due to acute laziness. A bit like an alcoholic starts to count from the beginning when they slip up.

This post is actually about my work out yesterday, which I did with my occasional coach Dominik, who is awesome. He really knows how to motivate me and he always finds exercises that challenge me and are still doable. His programs don't get boring because he keeps raising the bar a little bit each time he puts together a new training schedule for me and the bar raises every time I want it too. It's a very flexible thing. and if anyone is interested in the details, let me know.

So, I went to the gym half an hour before training to get warmed up and something that has never happened before happens. I warm up without getting out of breath. *gasp* I know, it doesn't sound all that interesting, but to me it was sensational. In all my years of doing sport the warm up was always the most dreaded thing.

I'm not a quitter. For me there is no: I can't do that. I hate excuses. Especially, if I have to find one for myself because I didn't have the mental strength to dig deep enough and just do it. Sometimes the whole thing turns into an ugly unhealthy thing, but most of the time it just means I have an unrelenting drive to be the best that I can be.

That's poison for a warm up. During my time playing team sports I was usually ready to hit the showers by the time warm up was over (which is especially stupid just before a game starts). I'd get over it soon enough but until yesterday all my warm ups looked the same: start slow, after 2 minutes give everything you got. It's a miracle I've never seriously hurt myself.

Yesterday, I hit one of those cross trainers to do my warm ups before the work out with Dominik and without thinking about it I started out slowly and kept my pace. I felt really good and was not even out of breath (still calmly breathing through my nose). I started to sweat as I normally would but without the someone-shoot-me-please feeling that I usually get. I kept my puls at around 144 and after 20 minutes I felt energized and ready to get to work.

All the while completely amazed at this new sensation of moving, sweating AND breathing normally. I'm not sure that this is it and now that I've managed to do it once, I'll always be able to do it but it was a real eye opener. Internet high five!


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