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When I was in college, I thought to myself, with all of the compliments my professors are giving me, I am totally going to land my DREAM JOB. I was so confident. Why not? I was good at drawing and painting, I was  good  at writing songs and my father had a song on the radio at the time. Life was great.              Then I graduated....

I started sending my resume out like crazy. My first job was at an Italian Linens company in Manhattan. I quit after a year because they didn't give me benefits after I asked them. I then worked at a webdesign company. I quit after a year because of the same reason- NO BENEFITS.  And now I am working for a Media Company (with benefits). Been working for the TV Media industry as a sales assistant for over 5 years. 

All of the jobs I had, I got through someone I knew. None through any of the websites. But that is another story. The point of this blog is - how to cope with not ever getting your dream job.  

I always wanted to work at a record label. My sister and I have been writing songs since we were very young. I interned at a label while in college and all I did was get them coffee, lunch, cut some posters.... I was a go-fer.  I did not learn anything. So that was the end. 
I feel that I have an ear for music, coming from a musical family.
Do you have a gift? Do you have this gut feeling that you would be so good at this particular job, but it is so hard to get?
I always saw myself in a huge office with a window - a view of Manhattan.  My  job would be to listen to songs all day and make a  YES/NOpile.  Like someone in the A&R department. They work with artists, help them with a look, help with their portfolio, choose their songs for their album.
I am 29 years old. If I ever get a job at a label, I would have to start from the bottom. An assistant.  So the 8 years I have been working is lost.

You know what I do to not beat myself up about this?
1. Blame the ECONOMY 
2. Use my skills as a hobby instead
3. Never quit your current job until you get one that is better

There is no rule that I have to stop writing songs or stop loving music. My talent is mine. God gave me this for me to use.  Do I have to get rich off it? No.. It can be used as a hobby!
My dad has a basic studio in the basement - we create demos. If it is good enough - We put them on ITUNES.   I can be my own promoter.   Hey - you reading this is me promoting myself.  You want to hear some songs me and my sister wrote?

The first song is my little sister singing  (with me and my older sis Maria in the background)- the other ones are either of me, Maria or my dad ANGELO VENUTO.
I wrote a song on there that I played at my wedding for my husband and his mom to dance to.  "MAMA TU SEI"  - very proud of that one :)

Don't stop believing. If you can't get your dream job - use your skills as a hobby. Keep positive - dont get depressed over it.  Use it anyway - who is stopping you?

What is your dream job, what skills do you have and do you put it to use?
Do you use your skills as a hobby?

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