Net Neutrality 101: What You Need To Know

3 years ago

To be honest, I’ve been meaning to write this post for 6 months but I wanted to make sure I fully understood what Net Neutrality was and how it would affect everyone. As we see ruling being pushed and data STILL being throttled in 2014, I figured I’d sit down and give a quick Net Neutrality 101.

Net Neutrality

Let’s dig into it!


Net Neutrality 101:

Network Neutrality (“Net Neutrality”) is principle that consumers should have access to content they want to view or use on the Internet. The notion of NN is that providers should not have the ability to block or restrict access to certain sites or charge different amounts customers different rates for access. Once a person pays for Internet access, they have the power to determine how to use it.

Why Should You Be Concerned?

Access: Imagine if your ISP decided to only provide you with news from CNN and not your locally run news outlet? While national news is important, you would miss out on valuable information from sources you know and trust. Consider this possible.

speak up voice mic

Voice: Small business owners could have their voice silenced without the resources to compete if the market becomes pay-to-play. Net Neutrality allows business owners and entrepreneurs to enter the market at a low barrier and compete in an open marketplace. Love those handmade pillows you saw on the web last week?  They may not be there if Net Neutrality falls.

Infrastructure: Pay for speed is the idea that in order for you to upload those family pictures or stream the latest episode of “The League” without any issue, you may have to pay a higher fee. A higher fee does not require maintenance or new developments for the hardware that provides your high speed service. Say bye bye to binge watching on Netflix.

privacy net neutrality

Privacy: Anyone who has paid attention to the news lately understands that you are no longer secure online. Yep, I said it. Hackers are trying everyday to hack into your e-mail, wipe grandmas bank account and craft advertisements that lead you to signing up for something you didn’t want in the first place. Now imagine is that information was SOLD to the highest bidder and that bidder is your Internet Service Provider. You should be concerned.

Ok, What Can I Do?

CALL: The Electronic Frontier Foundation has created a tool that will allow you to provide your zip code and phone number and be connected to your representative to voice your concerns on H.R. 5016. They even provide a script to use on the page.

COMMENT: Go directly to the FCC comment page and voice your concerns publicly. Click on14-28 “Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet“. The deadline for this has been extended to FRIDAY, JULY 18th. Don’t miss out!

Have you been following the latest on Net Neutrality? What are your thoughts?

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