NBCU names Barbie, Kotex & Harley Davidson as brands that best reach women - but are they really?

6 years ago

Women of NBCU is an ad sales, marketing and research initiative set up to help advertisers reach female consumers via NBCU's TV and digital assets.  According to their brand performance analysis Barbie, Kotex and Harley-Davidson are scoring high marks from women.

Kotex received "best controversial buzz" for their "U by Kotex Tween," a new line of feminine care products aimed at 8- to 12-year-olds. 

Barbie received "best viral buzz" while she decided if she wanted to get back together with Ken or to stay single.

Harley Davidson received best "breakthrough buzz" for busting through a male-dominated category by creating a series of initiatives celebrating the growing number of women Harley riders.

Thing is - skeptic that I am - I question if these brands are really reflective of women. 

While I embrace Kotex's goal to teach our young girls (not women) about the importance of female health - creating a campaign focused on designing your own colored tampons just doesn't seem to be on brand strategy.  I personally saw no mention of female health on the U by Kotex Facebook page and blogged about the scary truth about what's really in your tampon and why coloring tampons really does seem to go against the grain of maintaining female health.

Barbie - well - how does Barbie - a doll for little girls - speak to grown women?  There's also no mention of the rain forest deforestation dirt Greenpeace kicked up with their spoof YouTube video of Ken dumping Barbie.  In a rather hilarious spot Ken breaks up with Barbie after learning her packaging is at the cost of our rain forests. Then some how Greenpeace actually hung a banner Greenpeace of Ken dumping Barbie from the Mattel's headquarters.  Isn't this what contributed to Barbie's "viral buzz?"

As for Harley Davidson - I so love that this iconic male-dominated brand has embraced its women riders.  Thing is - I was completely unaware of it.  So I Googled it.  No cool documentary type YouTube video's of women riding Harley's and what being a rider means to them. I did however find some rather salacious videos of half-naked women on Harley's.  I opted not to click for fear of getting a call from Gary our IT guy.  Harley has however done a fine job of putting together some online information and scheduled events.  I just would have loved to have actually seen this campaign somewhere.  Hmmm....wouldn't it be cool if Harley somehow integrated this into the new season of Sons of Anarchy....

READERS: As a woman - what are some brands that really speak to you?

Read more from Broadcasting Cable here.

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