My Top 12 Twelves for 12-12-12

5 years ago

You'll never see a date like it again.

In honor of December 12, 2012 -- aka 12-12-12, the National Museum of Math is opening, and TONS of people are getting married, and the Rolling Stones and a zillion other superstars are playing the huge Concert for Sandy Relief, and at least one kid's stoked about turning 12..

But I'm honoring 12-12-12 with a countdown. Behold, the top 12 twelves for 12-12-12!

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#12: Twelve, the Movie

OK, I haven't seen this 2010 movie starring Chace Crawford and 50 Cent, and it looks terrible. But I have to include it because "Is 12 a real drug?" kept popping up on my Google autofill when I started poking the internets for this post, and it was making me giggle. (If that was you asking: The answer is NO. Here's a list of 12 fake movie drugs. And if I'm totally judging it wrongly and it's an awesome film, let me know in the comments.)

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#11: The Twelve, the Book

Justin Cronin's captivating sequel to last year's blockbuster novel The Passage takes place in a world devastated by a virus that creates vampires.

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#10: Twelve-Sided Dice

You can't play Dungeons and Dragons without 'em.

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#9: Ella Fitzgerald, Twelve Nights in Hollywood

Ella live in 1961 and 1962 -- so fun to hear her scat and interact with the crowd.

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#8: Twelve Angry Men

A gripping drama about civic duty.

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#7: The Sesame Street "Monsterpiece Theater" Version of Twelve Angry Men

Also gripping.

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#6: The Twelve Labors of Hercules

So here's how the myth goes. Heracles (Greek for Hercules) was the half-human bastard son of Zeus, whose wife Hera got riled and decided to drive our hero mad, whence he killed his children. For this, he had to atone, and hied himself to King Eurystheus, who assigned him 12 totally impossible -- and truly terrifying -- jobs. These included fighting Cerberus, the three-headed helldog; battling the Amazons; and cleaning the perpetually, impressively, insanely dung-filled Augean stables. Badass.

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#5: Twelve Monkeys

Time travel, insanity, Brad Pitt. (What's with the number 12 and world-ending viruses, anyway?)

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#4: District 12

There is no District 12. (Actually, there is, and it's actually for sale, at least for now, so go nuts, millionaire Hunger Games fans.)

Image: Lionsgate Films

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#3: Twelve Drummers Drumming

Who doesn't love drummers drumming? Bing Crosby and David Bowie do!

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#2: Sesame Street "Ladybug Picnic"

This is going to be stuck inside your head all day long.

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#1: Sesame Street, "Pinball Number Count"

You'll be singing this one all day long, too. "Pinball Number Count" vs. "Ladybug Picnic" is a highly personal choice, but I give the edge to the one with the Poynter Sisters and the trippy animation.

Yeah, I know, this list is a little heavy on the Sesame Street, but you know, numbers.

How are you celebrating 12-12-12?

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