My Royal Experience

6 years ago

To be honest, left to my own devices, I probably would have slept right through it.  I probably wouldn't have even remembered what day it was on, let alone the time.  I would have realized when I turned on the computer and saw updates all over my homepage.  Maybe later tonight I would have caught a few hi-lights on the evening news.

Lucky for me, I have a friend who is a royal junkie.  We've been chatting for years, our older kids in the same class, #2 and her youngest in the same class, so we run into each other all the time.  We invite each other to our kids' birthday parties, and see each other at all the same activities.

Lately, due to that mutual stressful situation, we've become a lot closer.  She decided that I needed to know that there really are nice people out there, not just the nasty ones.  So we've been trying to plan an evening together with her friends for quite sometime now, but it just hasn't worked out.

Finally she came up with a plan.  The Royal Wedding.  "Just bring yourself.  Maybe a sleeping bag incase you need a nap."  She said.  *Disclaimer - in my Pacific Time Zone, the wedding started at 3am...zoinks.*  "I'll take care of the rest." 

I *vaguely* recollect bits and pieces of Di and Chuck's wedding all those years ago.  I was only four at the time.  I don't really follow them that much, but was rather excited for the opportunity of a girl's night.  I have a lot of acquaintances, but not a lot of close friends here.  I was also a bit trepidacious, as I would only know her and one other person there.  But, I decided to just be my goofy self.  I shopped an old consignment store and found myself a little frock and a big straw hat to embellish!

I was the first keener to show up, and was pleasantly surprised to find my friend all frocked up too!  And with a might fabulous hat to boot.

Did she ever go all out.  Tables full of food.  British pub quizzes, a 1am game of volleyball to keep us awake, etc, etc.  And can I just say, what a fabulous group of women.  Welcoming a newcomer with open arms and including me in their circle.

It just goes to show you that for every nasty person in the world, there is a handful of absolutely wonderful people.  Willing to wear silly hats with you and just have a romping good time.

Thanks ladies, cheerio!  Oh yeah, and thanks Wills and Kate, for getting married and therefore enabling me to meet some really great people.

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P.S.  Oh, and also a big thank you to #1, who made toast for himself and his brothers this morning, saving his poor exhausted mommy (or is it mummy?) who's been up all night a chore!
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