My Review of... Cheongdam-dong Alice Episode 11

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My review of:

I had to give up on My Sunshine/Shining Girl.  The pressure to do a good job with the post was just too great.  I couldn't handle it. Some might say I buckled at the sight of the challenge set before me.  Instead, please enjoy my review of Cheongdam-dong Alice.  It's a very promising show.  I am rooting for them and hope the drama gods dont fail me with their usual predictable outcome.

***Major spoiler alert!***

Cheongdam-dong Alice Episode 11

Oh how sweet; opening scene has father Cha mingling with In Hwa's oppa and mom. Little do they know that Seung Jo is going to drop a major bomb in just seconds...

And the bomb drops. Seung Jo practically drags Se Kyung into the Department store and announces she's his girlfriend. It's a catastrophe, there are dropped jaws everywhere. Jaw dropping expression of the year goes to... Tommy Hong! Hahahahaha!

Father... We're... Getting married.

Father Cha takes Se Kyung and Jeung Jo off to scold his son for being too immature. Meanwhile, the In Hwa clan tears into Tommy Hong for not knowing what was going on. In Hwa like a prude little miss that she is says she's lost interest. "He doesn't understand what a marriage arrangement is to us." No babe, he doesn't want to be controlled by daddy.

Even though he's using her I feel he still has true feelings for her.

Tommy came out of that room after being scolded ready to tear into Se Kyung's ass but Seung Jo came out and saved the day... "You saw it, right? Back off!" Ohhhh, I'm still mad at you Seung Jo but it's getting good!

Last post I asked where the spy was... Tada... He was there! Drama gods can you surprise me by not doing the expected... At least once, please?! Needless to say, he now knows everything... Ev..ry...thing!

He takes her to a restaurant to tell her about how his mom left but all she hears is that she's doing the same. Why did you have to get greedy Se Kyung? 

He's giving her a ring! I want these two to work out so bad! She's shown him that not all people are scary in the world and tries to hand her a ring but lo and behold Mr. Tommy Hong is showing his ugly snake face by texting her the video of Yoon Joo. She has no options now. That pesky sneaky spy! I hate you!

I don't know what I'd do in her situation so I have no right to yell at the screen when she accepts the ring. Him telling her at her behest that he'd die without her is all it took. I can't wait to see what Tommy Hong will do now or if Se Kyung will keep up her end and stay with Seung Jo.

"I told you she looked familiar, she looks just like me. I too was stepped on like she's being stepped on. I too have to step on her." Nice Tommy Hong. Great way to stay on top.

In Hwa is beyond herself, she can't understand why Jeung Jo would like Se Kyung over her. She asks Yoon Joo about Se Kyung. After playing it off like nothing Yoon Joo quickly goes to call her frenemy. Se Kyung beats her to the punch though. She asks to meet and shows her the video.

I bet Yoon Joo is wishing she'd never invited Se Kyung over to the dark side now... Or at least not have been the one to introduce her to Tommy Hong.

The wacky doctor isn't so wacky anymore. "Why'd you do it? Why in the world did you tell him you two are getting married in that way?!" Finally, he's hopefully hearing this from someone he'll listen to. But, he still can't see what he did wrong.

In Hwa and her f'ing inability to accept that she's been cast aside! Dammit! She went to see Tommy Hong and now she's seen that there's a video. Thank god for impertinent assistants, she was spooked.

Se Kyung is the visitor that took Tommy away. She's come to put him in his place. She really put the hammer down! 

"Then what do you think my ending should be? A miserable ending of a woman who approached a man only for money? So, I'm supposed to be ruined and the happy justice is accomplished? What on earth is the ending of Cheongdam-dong for people like you, me and Seo Yoon Joo? What is the lesson of our stories? "Live within your means?" "Stretch your legs after checking if the place is right for you." "If you climbed a tree which you shouldn't dare to climb, you should go and die." What kind of bullshit lesson is that? If I was going to learn such a lesson, I wouldn't have started at all." 

I couldn't have said it better, especially since I would've run out of breath.

She gives him a choice, Royal Group or GN group, you have 2 days dog. Tommy Hong does not cease to amaze. He's always left with his mouth agape at her audacity.

That amazing monologue is stricken with one text from father Cha. As they sit at the table discussing getting married and living in Paris. "This is Cha Il Nam, lets meet tomorrow at 5." Thankfully he doesn't chew on her too bad. He quickly finds out she's a porcupine and not a defenseless bunny.

The Seung Jo & Se Kyung cheerleaders are at a cafe ogling the video of her accepting him and discussing whether or not there should have been a kiss.

This situation may still be salvaged. Se Kyung may wear away at father Cha's stone heart and help shield her from In Hwa's wrath.

I love that she's not afraid to keep showing up and talking to the old man.

This girl has an iron pair of nuts. She actually got Tommy Hong to agree to be in her side. He met her at the place where he had to beg for his chance and asked if she was confident. He felt he had to accept the proposal to feel good and cool. What a thing to say... This girls got something all the others lack.

Though she obviously doesn't have anything on In Hwa... The righteous bitch! She's like a dog that won't give up the bone. That video is too tempting for her to pass up. She shows up at Tommy Hongs and has a delivery guy call him out in order to steal the video.

Meanwhile Seung Jo sees the error of his ways when he asks for Se Kyungs hand and her father declines. Not only is he declining because of the difference in backgrounds but also because Seung Jo has cut ties with his father.

Guess what Se Kyung asks him to do? Just go to him, take the initiative.

Father Cha has to be loving all this filial son attention.

It's so cute how she's waiting for him in the car after she practically emotionally blackmailed him into going to his grandfathers memorial. She asks him to give her 5 and at first he declines cause it's childish but then gives in. Our Se Kyung is great at emotional blackmail. 

Elsewhere In Hwa is watching the incriminating video of Yoon Joo and Se Kyung. 

Next episode is going to rock. If this review didn't turn you on to the show then you're no true KDrama fan.